Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Spamming the HELL Out of This Place!

Seriously. Can someone else post something?

I'm interpreting the lack of activity here lately to mean that you've all been dutifully working on your sample pages.

Well, here's the teaser image for Drunk Duck Adventures.

Happy New Year! I appologize ahead of time to those of you I drunk-dial tonight.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Harley Quinn: Colors

...and the colored version.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Harley Quinn: Work in Progress

The work-in-progress Harley half of a Harley and Joker pair of drawings for Melissa.
Just because I felt like posting, apparently we're fighting until I finish Harley.

See Melissa? Proof I'm really working on it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Drunk Duck Adventures: Featuring The Mighty Drunk Duckers

So, like I've spoken about with some of you, "Drunk Duck Adventures: Featuring The Mighty Drunk Duckers" is coming. Basically it's sort of a prequel/alt-timeline version of some of the characters in the vein of the Marvel Adventures: Avengers comic. I've been playing around with an amalglamation of my Path style with my regular stuff...and this art is the twisted love-child it produced. I kinda like it.

DD Adventures is going to be set up in issues. The first one by me, the second by PinkDiapers, the third by Cheeko, the Fourth by Acadia, the fifth by Zac, the sixth by Freux, and so on. The nice thing about the set up will be that each "issue" will be stand-alone, so if someone's running behind one month and someone else is running ahead, we can swap months updating so the comic doesn't suffer. Anyone who wants in on this, feel free to email me at:

Anyways, here's a preview of the 1st issue.I think I'm going to start doing all my webcomics in this format, as the whole thing fits on the screen without having to scroll...but it's still the right dimensions for printing.

NAG: Pages, everyone? Pages done/almost done? *Looks at calendar* Just a few days now...

Saturday, December 22, 2007


This was just a tablet sketch so I could play around with some coloring styles. I'm totally into impressionism so I like to add splotches of color everywhere. Not sure if I like it for my MM sample but it was fun to do regardless.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I live again!

I finally have power back at my house! After the wicked snowstorm, it knocked it out of comission for over a week. It was rough, and I was a total nomad for that time. Falling asleep wherever I passed out? A man could get used to it really. Anyway, I had a lot of fun drawing pretty pictures, but I haven't had the computer to color them. So here's the B&W's and I'll get the rest done sometime soon. ;D


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Matt Jacobs moving up

I just heard that Matt our buddy over at 1111 just got a kick ass job in TV. I just wanted to say way to go Matt!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Charcoal in the Brain

Sup, guuuuys0rz?

So like, I have dialup at my house. Wonder of WONDERS! So hit me up on AIM or YAHOO or WHATEVER. If voicechat is possible on dialup, so be it. Want a phone number? Gimme an emailz. I'm dying to talk to you people. I miss you. ;__;

Looks like we have more members! Yay! I love you all. LOVE. o__o

I see CC is #1 again. What have you people been up to..? :D

Okay I will stop uglifying the main page with my blaring text garble. Everyone's pictures have been great! ( the pictures i've seen. i haven't dove too deep yet. i promise i'll do that.. soon. )

Ok. Freux out!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I hate MonkeyMafia...

...I hate him in the FACE! Why? Because he regularly does a better job rendering my own designs than I do. Goddamn digital artists.
For those of you that don't know MonkeyMafia, he's the brother of our very own EvilTwinPixie, and one hell of an artist.
I know we don't usually post fan-art or anything like that here at MM, but this was just TOO GOOD to be burried in the DDCW forums.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I was thinking about doing Blue Squire in this style for my 6 pages, but it wouldn't give people a good feel for my normal, cartoony style.

So I'll prolly still revamp it. Anywho:

Thursday, December 13, 2007



That is all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Wow. Lookit that. It's December 11th ALREADY.

Know what you guys better be working on?
Your six pages for the MM Sample Book.
Even PIX is working on hers (Yes, she's alive and told me to tell everyone "Hi!" and that she misses you all).
So...seriously. Get cracking.

That is all.

P.S. I just did a freaking "The Land Before Time" mural to pay for the book. I fucking HATE The Land Before Time. If I had to paint almost life-size singing dinosaurs with strong Christian undertones for nothing...well...I'm going to hurt all of you.

Yes, even you, Zac.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Evil Empire Moratorium

I'm start a sort of Elephant Graveyard for all my discontinued comics (and there are a lot them, almost all due to artist starting new classes) and I was wondering if someone could make a cover page for me?

If anyone is interested let me know. It don't need anything facy. I was hoping to get a picture of me putting a body bag into deep storage in a morgue looking place wiht the title "Evil Empire Moratorium" at the top. Or maybe me just me peeking under sheet with a (unseen) dead body under it and a "yep that is dead" sort of expression.

Anyway if everyone is busy I'll just do some MS word art stuff and that will be fine (after all this is for comics that have been discontinued) but I thought I would ask.


I'm actually fairly pleased with how today's DDCW page came out today, so I thought I'd share it here.
Maybe, if you're not already reading it, this'll draw you in.

One day, I might even get GOOD at this digital coloring crap.
(I call it "crap" only out of frustration)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I've always been a pretty big fan of Kris Straub's stuff. I decided to send him some fanart.

Um, this is it. Young Vanderbeam. It kinda looks like Dave dressed up as Vanderbeam, so I guess thats what it is.

GoR 1-4

Okay since Loki is the manager I changed it so Balder stole Thor's name. Also here are two new pages. In general here is what I am thinking.

The way I'm planning things right now Balder & Zues and other godly rivals are in a more successful band that our main characters all loath. Balder being sort of the good "pretty boy" son.

Poseidon I'm writting as sort of an old west cost surf rocker.

Loki is the snake oil peddler band manager. He mainly scores the band low paying gigs and B-string celebrity TV spots while also managing more two more successful bands. This is a sour point between him a Thor.

Thor could be a huge rock star but he to to loyal to his dad to quit the band. He used to give it all he had but these days he has gotten a lazy and doesn't care like he used to.

Vali is sort of an over achiver. He was only brought into the group when Balder quit and he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove because of that.

Prometheus - Was a huge fan of Odin's original band and jumped at the chance to join up with his former idol. He is kind of ugly and doesn't have much musical tallent but he stays in the band because he can keep the group's van & equipment running.

Odin - Washed up former rocker. Odin used to be in a band that was really successful back in the day but now he is just running on former glory. Original Odin teamed up with Poseidon & Prometheus but after one unsuccessful tour Odin more or less forced his sons into his new band. Since Thor & Vali joined the band has moved up from a total burn out to a B-String band.

Shiva - I really can't get into this character. I'm not sure yet. I'm just having trouble working her into the band.

Page 1:A vertical page of panel separated by static, channel switches as if someone was surfing TV.

Panel A - A large wide screen style panel across the top of the page.The Gods of Rock pump it out hard core on stage.

Panel B - Hades storms off through a movie set looking pissed.
Commentary from the TV: Hades and Demeter break up. Who was cheating on who find out.

Panel C - A TV commercial pushes a Drunk Duck Brew.

Panel D - Baldur, sits back in an interview with a talk show host. Baldur looks very thug and reclines casually back in his chair.
Baldur: my new album is called "Disodinson" and it is sort of a rap/metal sort of thing...From Off Panel: That was MY title!

Page 2
Panel A - Thor sits up on his couch holding a TV Remote looking pissed. In the background Poseidon is drinking a bottle of DD Brew behind the coach.
Thor: I can't belive it, Baldur stole, the %&#$ing title to my solo albumn.

Panel B - Poseidon steps around to the other side of the coach.
Poseidon: That sucks dude. Brothers man the parasites of the world eh?

Panel C - Posidon hands Thor a beer.
Poseidon: Here man, have a brew while you stew about it.

Panel D - Some time later another Vali comes into the room and finds Thor and Posidon very drunk with the evidence of their drinking strewn across the couch.
Vali: Hey, whats going on.
Thor: We're just working on a new album. Drunkodinson.

Panel E - Posidon sits up some at the name.
Poseidon: Dude! Seriously you really should name the album that.
Vali: Maybe you should wait till your sober to call your agent.

Page 3
Panel A - Loki walks into the room with a manilla envolop and look at the TV.
Loki: Arg, Baldur stole your name Thor? I swear I'm gonna kill that guy someday.

Panel B - Thor shrugs.
Thor: Yea, seriously, he is dad's favorite son and he won't even join the band.

Panel C - Poseidon speaks up.
Poseidon: Dude! Your DAD started this band how did that happen?

Panel D - Poseidon takes a drink of beer.
Vali: You know how he gave his right eye for unlimited magic.
Poseidon: Yea.

Panel E - Vali, Thor & Loki all sudder and Poseidon spits out his beer.
Vali: Well he gave something else on the right side of his body for his music.

Page 4
Panel A - Poseidon start to freak out.
Poseidon: Dude that is so sick man! I didn't need to hear he was missing an Odin Sphere.

Panel B- Poseidon continue his rant.
Poseidon: Odin is not right man! Not right!

Panel C - Poseidon clutches he head.
Poseidon: Oh seriously my ears bleed. I wish I could unlearn that. Oh man sick, sick, sick.

Panel D - Poseidon suddenly smiles.
Poseidon: Dude I'll go get Promethus, tell him next.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Show me the Gods

Does anyone have a list of all our Gods and Art to go with them? I could really use that to get things rolling and have less of Random God in our comic. Now that Random isn't cool and sarcastic but his character is a pain to write for.

Yo, ho, fiddledy dee...

I have that damned "You are a pirate" song stuck in my head.

In other news, here's something I drawed. The new design for The Rioteer's suit. A modern-ish version of this will be making a debut in DDCW after the current "Epic Week" that's going on. Why? Simply because I can.

Monday, December 3, 2007

MM the comic

Well this is my first post in here so I'm just going to share an idea I wanted to talk about. Namely an MM comic.

I like Riots idea of a MM anthology but I think there are some virtues to doing a unified comic you can't get with short anthology pieces.

I think we as a group should start a comic on DD, put up some project wonderful ads on it and use those funds for MM projects like this anthology. We could use the comic both to promote ourselves and MM. With this large a group we should be able to update it often. We ourselves could be characters ala Civil War or it could be even a collective original story. We could make this more then a typical group comic. The MM has a pretty high level of talent here and we can really co-ordinate so we could really make this a decent comics as opposed to most group comics with a fun with updates that are only occasionally fun to read if you are not a contributor on the project.

Riots DD Zombies update really crystallized it for me. Here was a really interesting stand alone update with character we already knew. It was a really good update, but the rest of the comic is often disjointed and the archive doesn't really make a good read in the way other series do. We're already establishing a small mythos with Zack, Riot, & Carlie appearing in both DD Zombies & DD Civil War. It showed me some real potenial. CW had a tone of readers back before it lagged. When it was going strong how many people would have flipped to see Zak and Riot in Zombies that probably have no idea they are in there and thus will never read Riot's update?

What I purpose is this we set a goal. A page number like say 50 pages and try and make a 50 page MM comic which we could sell at conventions. Then post it up on DD with some project wonderful ads. When we get to page 50 we use all the PW money whatever it is, maybe supplemented by yours truly if we are short and print up the project to show at conventions along side the anthology. Something people can just pick up read, enjoy and come back to DD for more of. After that if we decide if it is something we all want to keep doing or just a fun one shot that leaves us with something to show for it or maybe do a new comic.

Since we are all busy with the anthology right now I'm thinking this project probably wouldn't' get started until February but I'd like to start talking about it, and if we green light it, planning it now. We already sort of started talking about something like this with Gods of Rock in Texas but I wanted to kind of formalize it a little here.

My Evil Ulterior Agenda:

My ultimate goal with Evil Empire and something I hope the Militia can help me on is to start something I want to call The Perfect Seven Project and I think this would be a good first step toward someday seeing the Perfect Seven Project come together.

My idea for the Perfect Seven Project is to get a group of artist/writers together and unite together on one project that by virtue of its many members, updates with consistent quality seven days a week and at the end of each month has a professional looking issue to show for it.

If it becomes successful I'd like to start running the Perfect Seven project as if it were a normal comic. Namely artist & writers doing work in advance, getting paid from the profits from each issue, maybe even officially published through someone like Top Cow. New writers and artists taking over as they go onto bigger and better things.

Basically if this goes the distance I'd like Perfect Seven to become the great starting point for comic carriers. Everyone knows if you get onto The Tonight Show and make the host laugh that you are going places. Well I want Perfect Seven to be that for web comics. I want people who really want to do comic for a living but don't know were to start know that if they can get in and do a run on Perfect Seven that it will be a boon to their resume and get their name known. Obviously that is heck of a goal which would take a lot of work, experience and organization.

That is my other reason why I would like to start with MM the Comic. Obviously the goal of doing 28-31 pro quality pages a month is tough. So I'm starting with something small. In this case just doing a comic with a group of awesome people which we all try and co-ordinate on, update occasionally, and make it readable and enjoyable to people outside the group. If MM the comic actually comes together it will be a good first step towards eventually starting the Perfect Seven Project.

Gods of Rock

I don't remember all the characters so here is just a little sample of what I was thinking with the charaters I DO remember. I got to admit I'm having trouble getting a feel for all the characters and the series right now but here is a couple of pages off the top of my head.

Page 1
A vertical page of panel separated by static, channel switches as if someone was surfing TV.

Panel A - A large wide screen style panel across the top of the page.
The Gods of Rock pump it out hard core on stage.

Panel B
Hades storms off through a movie set looking pissed.
Commentary from the TV: Hades and Demeter break up. Who was cheating on who find out.

Panel C
A TV commercial pushes a Drunk Duck Brew.

Panel D
Loki sits back in an interview with a talk show host. Loki looks very thug and reclines casually back in his chair.
Loki: my new album is called "Disodinson" and it is sort of a rap/metal sort of thing...
From Off Panel: That was MY title!

Page 2
Panel A
Thor sits up on his couch holding a TV Remote looking pissed. In the background Posidon is drinking a bottle of DD Brew behind the coach.
Thor: I can't belive it, Loki stole, the %&#$ing title to my solo albumn.

Panel B
Posidon steps around to the other side of the coach.
Posidon: That sucks dude. Brothers man the parasites of the world eh?

Panel C
Posidon hands Thor a beer.
Posidon: Here man, have a brew while you stew about it.

Panel D
Some time later another random god (Pick someone I can't rememeber anyone else.) comes into the room and finds Thor and Posidon very drunk with the evidence of their drinking strewn across the couch.
ARGod: Hey, whats going on.
Thor: We're just working on a new album. Drunkodinson.

Panel E
Posidon sits up some at the name.
Posidon: Dude! Seriously you really should name the album that.
ARGod: Maybe you should wait till your sober to call your agent.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm going SANE in a CRAZY world!

I'm not sure what I'm thinking lately.

I keep taking on new projects, even though I lack the time to work on the projects I ALREADY have. So I find myself neglecting my beloved (beloved to ME at least) The Path in order to work on paying gigs that are not personally satisfying in any way (for instance, just did a mural of the Teen Titans in a kid's bedroom so I could put the $ towards the MM book). I miss my comics...I like to think that other people miss them too.

By my calculations, however, that mural pretty much paid for 130 copies of the book. So hoo-ha and hee-haw for MM (sorry, haven't quite gotten TX out of my system)!

On a different note, a spash-page battle for DDCW turned into a double-splash page. Just 20 minutes ago, it started turning into a TRIPLE. Yes, three pages, taped's actually quite epic. When I get home in the morning, I'll take a pic of it and post it for all to see.

I'm going to start nagging you guys now about entries for the book. NAG! Seriously. 30 days, kids. Anyone who DIDN'T get the email I sent out with the specs and page template PLEASE email me at so I can resend it to you. I don't want this to turn out to be just me, Zac, Acadia, and Wingnut putting stuff in. I really would like to have EVERYONE in MM represented.

That's it for now, gang. I have to go pretend I'm doing work now before someone catches on.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Thinking

Yeah, Hey guys.

It's funny as soon as I get home from Texas, I get thrust back into real life. Which sucks. But motivated I am.

I've got a few ideas for the MM influence to grow.
First of all, as soon as I'm done working out details with Matt, I've got to import our blog archives into wordpress. Next I've got to make an index page.

We need a list of things to be featured of front page. Of course we'll still have the blog as the highlight of the main page. I've been tossing around some ideas for content though. Not just you know a gallery or anything, but maybe a commissions or (buy my labor) section. That way some of you can get some work if someone happens to discover this little site thing that we do and no one reads but us.

Also, I want to make the RSS feed from our comics appear on the side, (kind of like where we have all those links) to show which comics in our group updated today (not today as in 11/29) but today as in everyday.

Any other ideas guys?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes! It's a duck blur.

Heya kids!

Boy, what a nutty week since our marvelous exodus from our native lands. Back in the real world, and what happens the first day back? It snows. I kid you not, it was a marvelous little reminder just saying, 'hey, welcome back and fuck you too.' Snow?! Really?! Blech.

Finding time to draw has been an uphill battle too, with finals, holidays, work, and this pesky need to eat and sleep, it's been a toughie. Still, I've found time to work on a few pictures AND to line up my first official ART GIG! *applause*

Thank you, thank you! It looks like I've been drafted to illustrate a children's book based off of a CD created by The Magic shop sound studio out of San Fransisco. It's my first legitimate gig, and I'm really excited. This should also pay for my trip, so THAT alone is a fantastic thing. And hey, if I can get published, thats my foot in the door, and I would be so okay with that.

I'll keep you posted on the events of that, and I'll certainly post roughs up here for critique and help, so look for that. Also, I finished my MM pic and sent it off to Dave. But YOU fine people get to see the one with SPARKLES! OooOo! Look at those shiny things. Oddly enough they were totally accidental. When I added the stroke and glow to the ink layer, those were particles that my scanner picked up. I thought it looked cool, so I kept em. That and I used Dave's coloring technique for this picture, so good clean times there eh?

I like the way this turned out, and I can't wait to see everyone else's. Also, here is a small preview of the colored Poseidon, it's got about another hour or so worth of work, but I couldn't resist posting it. I'll show off the final in my next post. Also, it looks like Nick is going to get me some scripts within the next few days, so mind if I take the first few pages everyone? I think it would be really cool.

So yeah, thats how things are! A quick hey to all our new friends, I'm glad you're here. You should show of your art too sometimes. You know who you are... ;D


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

News, Thanks, and Other Peppermint Nightmares...

Before anything else is said, everybody need to click on Matt's 1111creations link and show that magnificent bastard some love! Upon returning from WWTX, the crazy fool went and BOUGHT us! Not ONLY that, but he's offered to help us out with setting up the MM website (as far as space and wordpress and such)! That's ridiculously above and beyond, and everybody needs to go show him love, not the creepy kind, immediately.

Also, Mediocre Militia is on Facebook now! So just click here to go check out the page, a ton more pictures from WWTX, and add MM to your friends list! As of right now, there're sample galleries of almost everyone's stuff from the blog up. Anything you guys want me to add, feel free to email me at EENick and Amelius, please let me know what(if anything) you'd like put up. Carly, you too.

Also, we're going to get cracking early on the MM sample book so that we have it in-hand in plenty of time for WWLA. I need EENick, Amelius, and Wingnut's email addys, so I can send you guys the page templates and specs and such. I'll send everything out in a mass email when I have everyone's addys. It looks like financial situations can accomadate 6 pages per Militiaman/woman, so start thinking about what you want to put in.

Let's keep the ball rolling, gang! WWTX got us pumped and motivated!

Monday, November 19, 2007

WWTX: I DREW HER WITH HANDS!!! (this will be explained later)

Yeah...we EARNED posing like that. We were magnificent.
(l to r: Zac, Acadia, Wingnut, Riot)

MM put in one hell of a showing at WWTX. Between sales, sketches, and ridiculous tomfoolery, I doubt anyone had as good a time as we did. There was a lot of feeding off each other, pimping each other's wares, and pimping MM (there's gonna be some work headed our way, too). Zac and I sat on that "Business of Webcomics" panel...which was interesting. Our table wound up being next to Arthur Suydam, which led to TONS of extra foot traffic and an almost captive audience for most of friday and saturday. The COOL part was, most of the people who were our captive audience fri and sat came back on sun just to see us.

You'll also notice a few new names under the MilitiaMen heading: the ridiculously talented Amelius, EvilEmperorNick, and Creepy Carly. So be sure to click on those links over there and check out what makes them so awesome (if you're one of, maybe, three people who don't know already).

There's a lot more stuff to follow, but I have to get ready to catch my ride to the airport and head back to Cali. All you MilitiaMen (and women), need to draw a picture of yourself in a similar pose to the picture of us four above and send it in to Acadia...we have fun things planned for this page.

Really quick, there are some people that NEED to be shouted-out to: Melissa, Jen, Lindsey, and Awesome Wheelchair Lady (whose name I can't remember at the moment, because I'm a jerk). They kept coming by our table, goofing off with us, demanding sketches and buying me beer.

Quite frankly, even if we HADN'T done well...we still would've had a blast. You'd think we'd all been friends for years the way we were carrying on, and I can't wait until WWLA...because we get to do it again. I'm going to miss those morons.

That's it for now, I'm sure Zac will do a better newspost later on and I'll do a more encompassing photo-post later on.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

WWTX Day One

So, the first day of WWTX is over. Thursday night was spent drinking and playing SNES with Wingnut...who, we've discovered, is "past me". We have also discovered that Zac is "past Wingnut" the three of us in one place is some crazy-ass time paradox.

Anyway, the firs day was pretty cool. We lucked out like mother-bitches, and our table is right next to the guy who did the covers for Marvel Zombies...that means we got so much "We're standing in line right here anyway" traffic, that we were plenty busy doing sketches and torturing the people waiting on line.

It's 4 am, Wing and Zac are passed out...and I'm going to bed. Below are some sketch cards and sketches that came about today. I'm really annoyed with myself for letting this kid have a Batman one I did that I really liked. Oh, well.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I just realized it's literally been over 2 months since I've posted here. There's no excuse for that outside of pure, unadulterated laziness. Well, to rectify the situation, I've decided to do somewhat of an art dump here.

The first is something I made a little while back, and it sparked a newfound interest in doing some actual art (non-comic). I'm actually using it as a wallpaper. =0
The next one I did as some fanart for Riot's character 'The Rioteer'. I'm sure you all know about it, so that's all I'm gonna say about the character itself. One thing of note is that I developed my own painting technique (I'm sure others use it, but I came across it on my own =0) that really sped the process along. I finished this one in about 3 hours.

The last one I JUST finished. Bill (from my comic -- the real life counterpart) saw my wallpaper and decided he wanted one of his own. I happily obliged as it meant some more practice with the painting technique I discovered on the Rioteer picture.

In any case, he liked it, so I'm happy with it.

I really wish I could've come to WW Texas earlier, but the earliest I can get there is Saturday, so I guess I'll see those of you going (Wing, Riot, Zac) on Saturday! Believe me, I can't wait.

At all.

Quick, be Saturday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DDCW NOT dead. It was just in a coma.

Here's a sneak peek at the ext page...which will go up, um, either friday or monday. I think it'll work out to be friday.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Stupid Name, Awesome Comics

So...I got in at Nightgig. Now there's a new corner of the internet that I can neglect when I have no free time thanks to work! The name of my studio over there is Old Dying Kitty Studio (it's a long story), and I spent all damn day tweaking the I sure would appreciate it if you guys'd check it out and let me know what you think of it.

In other news, MY CAST IS FINALLY OFF! Yes, dear friends, I can draw again!

I'm looking forward to WWTX like a junkie looks forward to his next hit. It's going to be the bee's knees.

That's it for now. Drawings to follow tomorrow.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I guess it's time to be honest.

I haven't been updating because of work, true. Too true.

But I also haven't updated because of something evil.
Something called Team Fortress 2.

I think a few of you can relate.
This is a panel in a comic I was doing, I decided to put it up here as a solo picture, because I think it's funny. But it's not really, but I think so.

Friday, October 19, 2007

An apology-

I'd like to make an apology to all the people of this marvelous group that I drunk dialed last night. I hope I didn't wake anyone, and I honestly have no recollection of what I said. I just remember that last night was a baaaaaaaad night. A lesson, never drink when you're hurtin' inside.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


So these are some garbage sketches from the break room. Practicing for WW really. Just having random people name some characters from games or comics, and trying to draw them in under 10 minutes. As you'll notice most of the costumes are wrong, but I'm just trying to get the jist of drawing characters from memory. So building a library of characters for the convention. Number one Convention Rule, if you can draw someone else's characters in your style and someone walks by and notices it and likes it...great way to get people to your booth. It is after all a comic convention, people want to see stuff they know.

Of course in Disney break rooms, you've got your Master Chief here, and apparently they only knew the X-Men.

It's fun stuff though. It was nice drawing for a change.

Good times, see you soon!


This did not work quite as well as I would've hoped, because I drew the head a lot less sketchy than I did the body (the chin has really hard lines).

PS. I fucking hate drawing machines. Robots are fine, but the word "machine" is so much more old-timey, so I had to make it look really primitive and steam engine-y. I'm not very good at it.

Some chick.
Some kid was giving a speech in my class and he was posing all dramatically. I drew it real fast.

Those last two were done in a really thick sharpie. Fun.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Man, Machinehead is a really good song. Too bad his head doesn't look much like a machine. It did earlier, but I changed it, for the worse, apparently (no reference).

The eye/hand probably could've been better if I had been looking at an eye or a hand, but this is all referenceless.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Do I realize that the coloring totally covered up my linework?

I realize that the coloring totally covered up my linework.

So here's just the lines.


EDIT: Made some Ahab Fan Art.


Friday, October 12, 2007

lol phallus

lol phallus.

Also, lol phallus

PS. i herd u leik mudkips?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Rioteer: Champion of Freedom!

So...this actually started as a gag, a few months ago. The comic book shop that I frequented was looking for a comic strip to run in their newsletter. Some of the people who worked there actually read The Path, so they asked me if I'd be interested: the pay was free comics. How could I refuse? I'm a big fan of the old Republic Captain America serial (Cap is responsible for thousands of deaths in that was great), and of "pulp" heroes like The Spirit, The Shadow, and Mignola's Lobster I said, "How about a guy fighting Nazis in New York?" I had been working on a design for "retro" Mr.Riot for DDCW, and decided that it could double as filler for DDCW until Zac and I got off our asses and started updating again: so, "The Rioteer: Champion of Freedom!" was born.

I did three stories of The Rioteer, each one roughly 5-7 pages long...and they were ridiculous. I mean, really. The Nazis had won WWII, New York was now the Third Reich's playground for mad scientists...and out of the chaos, an ex beat-cop named (get this) Shamus MacRiot becomes The Rioteer to try and fight back. Complete with a Captain America-esque shield and Mobster partners (the Mob wasn't any happier about the Germans taking over NY than The Rioteer was), The Rioteer fought Nazi Vampires, robot zombies, primordial monsters and the terrible Dr. Zeitkrieg! The last page of The Rioteer run in the last newsletter showed Freedom's Favorite Son being hurled from the top of the Empire State Building by a giant iguana. Apparently, the readers of the newsletter (all 32 of them) demand to know what happens I'm going to keep doing it. It's fun.

I'm going to have the first Rioteer story at WWTX printed (through Kinkos, because I'm poor). Above is the cover.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

DADDY'S HOME! (or, Bow Before My Artistic Might!)

I return from the state of big apples and even bigger mouths. I speak, of course, of New Yawk.
Whilst there, I decided to take a crack at drawing real people in my "I wish I was Mike Mignola" style. I'm especially pleased with how Lovecraft came out. I'm contemplating grey-scaling these pics...opinions on doing so?

H.P. Lovecraft:

Edgar Allan Poe:

Mike Mignola:

I colored the cemetary pic (finally):

Drawing of Chance: