Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So I just popped this out real quick. I think I'm going to do a "fine art" set for WWTX and make prints and sell them for like 10 bucks each. I'm trying to think of Geek Culture things to work with. Of course I won't sell out completely and I plan on having some original stuff there too.

Just thinking of how to make up some of the plane money

I may try something captain kirkish or impulse or something. I dunno.
Just trying to get used to drawing again and having stuff for the con

Saturday, September 6, 2008

WWTX '08!

So...we're going.

Militiamen/women in attendance are: Carly, Zac, Wingnut, Freux, and yours truly!

The downside? One table was what was available. It's an 8ft table, so we'll have a LITTLE bit of room to play around with, but not much. We'll just rotate who's sitting when and give anyone asked to do a sketch priority. Peronally, I'd like it if we made half the table the "merch" side, and the other half our goof off and draw side. That way, someone can always be standing behind the merch side pimping the sample book and stuff.

Oh, did I mention we'll have the sample book? Because we will.
Did I mention that we'll have bright, shiny postcards to hand out that have an MM logo on the front and the URLs of everyone's comics on the back just like a real studio?Because we will.
If someone would f'ing call me back, we'll have buttons as well.
The rest is up to you guys.

If you have prints, bring them. Stickers, pins, whatever: bring them. Since it's one table, I'd like to see us grouping all the merch together on the merch side and then making a point of cross-promoting eachother. This isn't a Drunk Duck table where we weren't a group entity yet. For example: "Oh, I see you're looking at The Path. If you like that, you should check out A Murder of Two or Phineus: Magician for Hire." Zac, Carly and Joey know what I'm talking about.

One thing that was fun about the DD tables and I'd like to see us do is the giveaway prize game. Like the Die of DOOM. Suggestions?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


You guys probably already all know about this, but I figure I'll share it here, as well, because it is very time-consuming and very artsy. It is my new comic called RED FUTURE. I strongly recommend checking out the homepage if you haven't already, because there are LOG entries on the left of that page that add a lot to the story (hover your mouse over them, they light up!).

So there ya go.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Since no one checks the forum...WWTX stuffs.

I'll repost here regarding WWTX:

Carly and I have been playing phone/email tag about this for, like, a month.

Here's the deal: If, on Sept. 7th, there are still tables available, I'm getting two. If there are no tables available in the Artist Alley, but there's a small press booth available, I'll get that instead. The price is about the same as two tables in the 'alley.
As it stands, it looks like those attending will be Carly, Dave, Joey, Bran, Myself, my girlfriend, and Zac. Each table comes with two badges, so we'll just need to spring for two extra badges. I think a small press booth comes with four. With six-seven people, we could cram like every other group of con-goers does, or spring for two rooms.

If we get two tables, the set-up is pretty much going to be as follows:
Table 1 will be Carly, Zac, and myself. Table 2 Joey, Dave, and Bran. If Bran doesn't come, Zac may wind up going to Table 2. This may sound like a jerk thing to do, but Carly and I have the most stuff. I know Carly has printed comics. I have printed comics, prints, and a stand-up banner thingy.

If we get a small press booth, set up will be figured out when we get there. Judging from the size of small press booths at past WWs, we could all probably fit back there, but rotating who's at the booth would probably work out best, and give everyone a chance to wander and see what else is there.

I would have done it earlier this summer, but convention hopping to promote The Path and all the time I had to take off of work to do so depleted my savings to the point that I am now one broke mo'fo. So my paycheck on the 7th is the closest point I'll be able to afford it.

Assuming we get to WWTX, we'll have copies of the MM Sample book. That way, whoever shows up will have something tangible to give out.

DAVE: I need our logo ASAP if we're going to do this con. I would REALLY like to have a stand-up MM banner, or a large table-banner with the MM logo.

Now, we all need to be prepared in the event that I've screwed the pooch and waited too long. In that event, well, we get all this shit done like we were going to WWTX ANYWAYS so that we're not having this same conversation in march when WWLA comes around.

MM Blog edit:
I'm hearing rumors of people wanting to pitch in. I'm sure as hell not going to turn that down. If we wind up getting to go, I'll spring for the tables and badges if those of you who can put in towards the room/rooms?

Like Zac said, we REALLY need to have a sit-down and chat about this. About a lot of things, really. What's everyone doing tonight (Monday)? I'm off until Friday night, so PLEASE let's try and iron some stuff out by then.