Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blah blah blah...

Make with the picture.
Work in progress cover for the Vol. 1 collected edition which will (hopefully) be available at WWTX....where all the cool kids (plus me, Zac, Dave and Bran) will be.

This is the biggest thing I've drawn in quite some time: 11.5" x 19"-ish. This is version #7. Versions 1-6 have been locked away underneath the stairs...where the neighbors can't see them.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stickers, domains, and wizard World OHMY

So a lot of us here at MM will be heading over to WW in November. We'll be with each other at the table so I thought why not make some MM stickers and maybe a mini book to sell there. If anyone's interested in doing a few stories for a book, please let me know! Especially you MM folks. I'll also be making some stickers, (SO MAKE YOUR DESIGNS)

The MM domain should be up sometime in the next month. I'll work on that in this off season..

I guess I'll post something...I haven't drawn in ages.

(disclaimer: i do not own Goofy. Goofy and all other Disney Characters are Registered Trademarks of the Walt Disney Company and this work is by no means endorsed by Disney Co.)

Crap sketch and color with prismas.
Please check out bran's post below.

see yas soon!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

omg bewbs.

Avert thine eyes, kiddos. There's a naked person! .. This is just me trying out different styles. I've been browsing DA and feeling emo. Kind of feeling as if my art hasn't progressed much lately. D:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Color me tons of different colors.

Just playing with coloring brushes.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yeah, I STILL think it's funny! So there!

Soooo...I've been toying with the idea of doing Mother in color. Below, you will see my first attempts at such a thing. Bear in mind, dear friends, that I suck like a 50 cent whore at digital coloring.

I DO rather like how Ratatosk came out, though.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Whose Hands are These?!

I never could decide what should go in his hand, so I never drew it. Bleh.
I like going back to traditional methods, though. Micron and sharpies ftw.

.. Yeah, this is currently all I got. Sorry.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's weird how I'm always drawing myself...

Isn't it weird how I'm always drawing myself? I guess I'm just practicing. I need to start drawing other stuff more often.

This one above here was drawn in photoshop.

This one above here was drawn in Flash, which I've found I like a whole lot and will probably

Sorry I haven't been uploading stuff, though. You know. Busy and stuff.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"One Third" and Boobies

My entry into Fern's "One Third". Totally true, I am a stubborn jackass.

And, as promised by the title, boobies. From the coloring book Deviant Nation commissioned me to do.

Also, because this is the only place I haven't seen it said:
(and thanks for the insider trading, Sinic)


Doo bee do be doo!

Ahh, I have finally finished coloring that BEAST of a comic. Not gonna lie, I think it looks pretty shiny. Here you go you crazy cats, it's not lettered, but I believe the deep philosophical message of inner tranquility still translates through.

Behold. Nirvana.

Also, I've started up a little free association web-comic journal thingie to give myself some more practice on the tablet. It's much more sketchy than most of my work, and not even remotely as polished as Dave's damn tablet mastery, but I think I'll have some fun with it. I might update daily, it doesn't take much to do one, and I also might get distracted by my myriad of video games. Either or, really. This started off as a place to dump my fightsplosion comics, but I like the title still. They all bleed the same. Take a look, you'll get to see a little into the crazy world of Wingnut.

Last but not least, I have created a great sin once again. Long long ago, my friends and I created the "Poke'men" comic. It was so bizarre that it's what we used for Acquired Taste's April fools comic. Well, the other night, (and I honestly have no memory of this) I created another one.
I guess I still had the sprites on my computer. I guess I drank a little to much that night, and my roommate decided that his character (That always used to die in the other comics) needed to have his revenge. So, thats it folks. Other people sleep with strangers and have very awkward mornings? Me? No way man, I wake up clutching my wacom tablet and begin screaming when I see my desktop.

Just thought I'd share that little story. Huzzah!


Tuesday, August 7, 2007



I'm back! I'm back! I'm back baby! WHEEEEEEEE!!

God DAMN it feels good to be back in the swing of things!
Luckily even though m
y computer exploded, I've been keepin' up with my drawing, and I can't WAIT to see what people think of the new AT style. I learned some fun stuff from my summer classes. :)

Here is today's warm-up drawing.

Here's a bad-ass mech

And here is a sample bit from the newest AT. We'll post it soon enough, yes indeed.

So, you crazy cats still meet up on-line? Because I'd love to get in on some of that now. :D
By the by, Acadia. I love the solo comic, and ID. Go you dude, thats really awesome.

Alright! Expect more awesome crazy Wingnut action soon! :D


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How to Win the CBC: by Riot and Pixie

This came from a conversation last night with Pixie, in which we lamented the poor quality of most of the Top 50, and even the Top 10(BANANARAMA?!?), of the Comic Book Challenge. Despite the encouragement from my lord and master, Mike Mignola, displayed in my last post...seeing what made it to the top 10 made me think, "What the fuck?! Is The Path REALLY worse than these? What the hell am I bothering for?!"

Then, Pix and I realized the METHOD used to decide on the Top 10:

At the door to Platinum, Scott Rosenburg stood with heroin needles, blind-folds, and monkeys covered in hot glue. 10 recovering drug addicts were then brought in and given one of each and told to stand on a line. On the wall facing said line were the Top 50 entrants. The drug addicts were then instructed to inject the heroin, cover their eyes with the blindfold, and throw their glue-covered monkeys at the wall. Wherever the monkeys stuck...those were the Top 10.

The conversation led to the following comic. I don't care who gets pissy about it, I think it's funny.

Day 112's Lines

I told everyone out there on "Allan" that I'd be uploading just the linework to "Day 112" here, and I made it 12.5% larger, too, so now you can get super-duper close.

I dunno, I'm just happily satisfied with it!