Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stickers, domains, and wizard World OHMY

So a lot of us here at MM will be heading over to WW in November. We'll be with each other at the table so I thought why not make some MM stickers and maybe a mini book to sell there. If anyone's interested in doing a few stories for a book, please let me know! Especially you MM folks. I'll also be making some stickers, (SO MAKE YOUR DESIGNS)

The MM domain should be up sometime in the next month. I'll work on that in this off season..

I guess I'll post something...I haven't drawn in ages.

(disclaimer: i do not own Goofy. Goofy and all other Disney Characters are Registered Trademarks of the Walt Disney Company and this work is by no means endorsed by Disney Co.)

Crap sketch and color with prismas.
Please check out bran's post below.

see yas soon!



Allan said...

Dude, I totally want to make some stickers. What should they be of and what do we need to do to sell/give them away? Send you money or something? I don't know how anything like that works.

Nitro said...

damn if that's not an awesome pic, sir. The Classic ol' school Goof.

acadia said...




I've got a sticker design (recycled from WW Phillly) -- Wamme send it to you?

Freux said...

Whoooo goofy!

And sticker design? Yarrr. *off to think*