Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Doo bee do be doo!

Ahh, I have finally finished coloring that BEAST of a comic. Not gonna lie, I think it looks pretty shiny. Here you go you crazy cats, it's not lettered, but I believe the deep philosophical message of inner tranquility still translates through.

Behold. Nirvana.

Also, I've started up a little free association web-comic journal thingie to give myself some more practice on the tablet. It's much more sketchy than most of my work, and not even remotely as polished as Dave's damn tablet mastery, but I think I'll have some fun with it. I might update daily, it doesn't take much to do one, and I also might get distracted by my myriad of video games. Either or, really. This started off as a place to dump my fightsplosion comics, but I like the title still. They all bleed the same. Take a look, you'll get to see a little into the crazy world of Wingnut.

Last but not least, I have created a great sin once again. Long long ago, my friends and I created the "Poke'men" comic. It was so bizarre that it's what we used for Acquired Taste's April fools comic. Well, the other night, (and I honestly have no memory of this) I created another one.
I guess I still had the sprites on my computer. I guess I drank a little to much that night, and my roommate decided that his character (That always used to die in the other comics) needed to have his revenge. So, thats it folks. Other people sleep with strangers and have very awkward mornings? Me? No way man, I wake up clutching my wacom tablet and begin screaming when I see my desktop.

Just thought I'd share that little story. Huzzah!


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Mr.Riot said...

You as a Pokemon will haunt my dreams.