Friday, March 6, 2009

Impending Doom to this Blog

Okay, so it's obvious that some of us aren't as enthused as we used to
be about MM. James, Joey, and I returned from a VERY successful trip
to Texas in November, and we want to get things going again.

I have made a new website which can be found at
No longer must we use the horrible blogspot, all your posts have been
imported over and great plans are in order for

All I ask is that within the next week and a half sign up on the new blog.

Sign up there.
Please, I hate to be the asshole in the situation, but we've had a
kind of dry run lately with MM. If you don't sign up within the week
and a half, or send me any sort of response. (Just have to do one to
let me know you exist), then I'll assume MM isn't something you care
about anymore, and that maybe it's time to move on.

Thanks a lot guysza.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello All you MM-ers

I'm transitioning a move from this blog to a new website based around word press.

the url will be
and should be up within the next 24 hours.

You may continue posting here and I can import, or you can do me a favor and sign up here.

I'll be sorting out the website for the next few days.
But I figure it's about time to get out asses in gear.