Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How to Win the CBC: by Riot and Pixie

This came from a conversation last night with Pixie, in which we lamented the poor quality of most of the Top 50, and even the Top 10(BANANARAMA?!?), of the Comic Book Challenge. Despite the encouragement from my lord and master, Mike Mignola, displayed in my last post...seeing what made it to the top 10 made me think, "What the fuck?! Is The Path REALLY worse than these? What the hell am I bothering for?!"

Then, Pix and I realized the METHOD used to decide on the Top 10:

At the door to Platinum, Scott Rosenburg stood with heroin needles, blind-folds, and monkeys covered in hot glue. 10 recovering drug addicts were then brought in and given one of each and told to stand on a line. On the wall facing said line were the Top 50 entrants. The drug addicts were then instructed to inject the heroin, cover their eyes with the blindfold, and throw their glue-covered monkeys at the wall. Wherever the monkeys stuck...those were the Top 10.

The conversation led to the following comic. I don't care who gets pissy about it, I think it's funny.


DJC said...

tsk! tsk! tsk!

My people are coming for you now! :D

Mr.Riot said...

I will not be silenced!

David said...

Did you hate mine too? :\

Pixie said...

Heh. I was so excited about the competition this year. I LOVE Lesbian Pirates from last year, and I'm getting into Hero By Night recently, too.

But I looked, and some of the top ten are good. There are a couple I could definitely vote for.

But the first one I saw? MULTIPLE typos in the dialogue. Multiple. They had a pretty good pitch, but it was disappointing to see that. And one of them... I've read the actual comic of the entry, and it didn't make a bit of sense to me at all.

I didn't enter, but I was shocked The Path didn't get picked

I really hope one of the better ones makes it. Really hope.

Hilariously, I wasn't expecting to be a PUBLIC part of this. I was planning to just be daring you to do controversial things behind the scenes like I have a bad habit of doing with people. ;)

Ben always told me doing that'd get me one day. ^_^

Pixie said...

Wow. That was a long comment. :P