Thursday, December 6, 2007


I've always been a pretty big fan of Kris Straub's stuff. I decided to send him some fanart.

Um, this is it. Young Vanderbeam. It kinda looks like Dave dressed up as Vanderbeam, so I guess thats what it is.


Mr.Riot said...

You should do your hair like that from now on.

acadia said...

That would make it very pointy. And potentially dangerous.

I like it. Consider it done =0

Joe said...

I, too, love Straub's work. I've been a fan of him since back during the Checkerboard Nightmare days. That's a good lookin rendition of Vanderbeam, acadia. I look forward to seeing some more stuff from you!


Allan said...

I saw your ad on his page just the other day. I'm all: Wow, Acadia's all grown up.