Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Spamming the HELL Out of This Place!

Seriously. Can someone else post something?

I'm interpreting the lack of activity here lately to mean that you've all been dutifully working on your sample pages.

Well, here's the teaser image for Drunk Duck Adventures.

Happy New Year! I appologize ahead of time to those of you I drunk-dial tonight.


acadia said...

Yep. I HAVE been working on my pages.

And I'm still working on them. Here's to hoping theyre done by tonight! =]

Allan said...

I finished mine last night and e-mailed them to Zac, cuz I didn't have your e-mail, Riot.

But yeah, my 6-pages are all done.

madscott said...

If you guys have a half page or one page ad you want to run in the nightgig sampler send me one. I'm piecing things together.

Mr.Riot said...

Zac forwarded them to me, Allan. You win the prize for being the first one to get your pages in!

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