Friday, December 7, 2007

Evil Empire Moratorium

I'm start a sort of Elephant Graveyard for all my discontinued comics (and there are a lot them, almost all due to artist starting new classes) and I was wondering if someone could make a cover page for me?

If anyone is interested let me know. It don't need anything facy. I was hoping to get a picture of me putting a body bag into deep storage in a morgue looking place wiht the title "Evil Empire Moratorium" at the top. Or maybe me just me peeking under sheet with a (unseen) dead body under it and a "yep that is dead" sort of expression.

Anyway if everyone is busy I'll just do some MS word art stuff and that will be fine (after all this is for comics that have been discontinued) but I thought I would ask.


Wingnut said...

I'll have a go at it mate, although I wont get anything done until finals are over, but that should be round the middle of next week. Sound peachy?



Mr.Riot said...

Once Zac takes over DDCW at the end of the current "issue", I, too, shall take a crack at it.

Then curse like a sailor because WIng is way better at digital color than I am.

Fucking digital artists.

Neila said...

My finals finish this week too, so I too could try perhaps, maybe, I dont know >_>
There's always a chance I might not finish it since I know I'm one of those many that has contributed to the "graveyard"...


EEN said...

Thanks guys! I really apreciate this!

acadia said...

I could give it a shot.

Riot: You're just jealous.

... As am I.

Mr.Riot said...

Jealous...of...your MOM.

Shut up. It works.