Thursday, December 6, 2007

GoR 1-4

Okay since Loki is the manager I changed it so Balder stole Thor's name. Also here are two new pages. In general here is what I am thinking.

The way I'm planning things right now Balder & Zues and other godly rivals are in a more successful band that our main characters all loath. Balder being sort of the good "pretty boy" son.

Poseidon I'm writting as sort of an old west cost surf rocker.

Loki is the snake oil peddler band manager. He mainly scores the band low paying gigs and B-string celebrity TV spots while also managing more two more successful bands. This is a sour point between him a Thor.

Thor could be a huge rock star but he to to loyal to his dad to quit the band. He used to give it all he had but these days he has gotten a lazy and doesn't care like he used to.

Vali is sort of an over achiver. He was only brought into the group when Balder quit and he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove because of that.

Prometheus - Was a huge fan of Odin's original band and jumped at the chance to join up with his former idol. He is kind of ugly and doesn't have much musical tallent but he stays in the band because he can keep the group's van & equipment running.

Odin - Washed up former rocker. Odin used to be in a band that was really successful back in the day but now he is just running on former glory. Original Odin teamed up with Poseidon & Prometheus but after one unsuccessful tour Odin more or less forced his sons into his new band. Since Thor & Vali joined the band has moved up from a total burn out to a B-String band.

Shiva - I really can't get into this character. I'm not sure yet. I'm just having trouble working her into the band.

Page 1:A vertical page of panel separated by static, channel switches as if someone was surfing TV.

Panel A - A large wide screen style panel across the top of the page.The Gods of Rock pump it out hard core on stage.

Panel B - Hades storms off through a movie set looking pissed.
Commentary from the TV: Hades and Demeter break up. Who was cheating on who find out.

Panel C - A TV commercial pushes a Drunk Duck Brew.

Panel D - Baldur, sits back in an interview with a talk show host. Baldur looks very thug and reclines casually back in his chair.
Baldur: my new album is called "Disodinson" and it is sort of a rap/metal sort of thing...From Off Panel: That was MY title!

Page 2
Panel A - Thor sits up on his couch holding a TV Remote looking pissed. In the background Poseidon is drinking a bottle of DD Brew behind the coach.
Thor: I can't belive it, Baldur stole, the %&#$ing title to my solo albumn.

Panel B - Poseidon steps around to the other side of the coach.
Poseidon: That sucks dude. Brothers man the parasites of the world eh?

Panel C - Posidon hands Thor a beer.
Poseidon: Here man, have a brew while you stew about it.

Panel D - Some time later another Vali comes into the room and finds Thor and Posidon very drunk with the evidence of their drinking strewn across the couch.
Vali: Hey, whats going on.
Thor: We're just working on a new album. Drunkodinson.

Panel E - Posidon sits up some at the name.
Poseidon: Dude! Seriously you really should name the album that.
Vali: Maybe you should wait till your sober to call your agent.

Page 3
Panel A - Loki walks into the room with a manilla envolop and look at the TV.
Loki: Arg, Baldur stole your name Thor? I swear I'm gonna kill that guy someday.

Panel B - Thor shrugs.
Thor: Yea, seriously, he is dad's favorite son and he won't even join the band.

Panel C - Poseidon speaks up.
Poseidon: Dude! Your DAD started this band how did that happen?

Panel D - Poseidon takes a drink of beer.
Vali: You know how he gave his right eye for unlimited magic.
Poseidon: Yea.

Panel E - Vali, Thor & Loki all sudder and Poseidon spits out his beer.
Vali: Well he gave something else on the right side of his body for his music.

Page 4
Panel A - Poseidon start to freak out.
Poseidon: Dude that is so sick man! I didn't need to hear he was missing an Odin Sphere.

Panel B- Poseidon continue his rant.
Poseidon: Odin is not right man! Not right!

Panel C - Poseidon clutches he head.
Poseidon: Oh seriously my ears bleed. I wish I could unlearn that. Oh man sick, sick, sick.

Panel D - Poseidon suddenly smiles.
Poseidon: Dude I'll go get Promethus, tell him next.


lostpuppies said...

Prometheus is also chained to his amp

EEN said...

Hehe, good to know. I think I'll need to change his character. Somehow I got Promethes mixed up with Vulcan.

hehe, maybe Zues threw him out of the band for giving away a song and chained him to his Amp and Odin took him in.