Monday, December 3, 2007

MM the comic

Well this is my first post in here so I'm just going to share an idea I wanted to talk about. Namely an MM comic.

I like Riots idea of a MM anthology but I think there are some virtues to doing a unified comic you can't get with short anthology pieces.

I think we as a group should start a comic on DD, put up some project wonderful ads on it and use those funds for MM projects like this anthology. We could use the comic both to promote ourselves and MM. With this large a group we should be able to update it often. We ourselves could be characters ala Civil War or it could be even a collective original story. We could make this more then a typical group comic. The MM has a pretty high level of talent here and we can really co-ordinate so we could really make this a decent comics as opposed to most group comics with a fun with updates that are only occasionally fun to read if you are not a contributor on the project.

Riots DD Zombies update really crystallized it for me. Here was a really interesting stand alone update with character we already knew. It was a really good update, but the rest of the comic is often disjointed and the archive doesn't really make a good read in the way other series do. We're already establishing a small mythos with Zack, Riot, & Carlie appearing in both DD Zombies & DD Civil War. It showed me some real potenial. CW had a tone of readers back before it lagged. When it was going strong how many people would have flipped to see Zak and Riot in Zombies that probably have no idea they are in there and thus will never read Riot's update?

What I purpose is this we set a goal. A page number like say 50 pages and try and make a 50 page MM comic which we could sell at conventions. Then post it up on DD with some project wonderful ads. When we get to page 50 we use all the PW money whatever it is, maybe supplemented by yours truly if we are short and print up the project to show at conventions along side the anthology. Something people can just pick up read, enjoy and come back to DD for more of. After that if we decide if it is something we all want to keep doing or just a fun one shot that leaves us with something to show for it or maybe do a new comic.

Since we are all busy with the anthology right now I'm thinking this project probably wouldn't' get started until February but I'd like to start talking about it, and if we green light it, planning it now. We already sort of started talking about something like this with Gods of Rock in Texas but I wanted to kind of formalize it a little here.

My Evil Ulterior Agenda:

My ultimate goal with Evil Empire and something I hope the Militia can help me on is to start something I want to call The Perfect Seven Project and I think this would be a good first step toward someday seeing the Perfect Seven Project come together.

My idea for the Perfect Seven Project is to get a group of artist/writers together and unite together on one project that by virtue of its many members, updates with consistent quality seven days a week and at the end of each month has a professional looking issue to show for it.

If it becomes successful I'd like to start running the Perfect Seven project as if it were a normal comic. Namely artist & writers doing work in advance, getting paid from the profits from each issue, maybe even officially published through someone like Top Cow. New writers and artists taking over as they go onto bigger and better things.

Basically if this goes the distance I'd like Perfect Seven to become the great starting point for comic carriers. Everyone knows if you get onto The Tonight Show and make the host laugh that you are going places. Well I want Perfect Seven to be that for web comics. I want people who really want to do comic for a living but don't know were to start know that if they can get in and do a run on Perfect Seven that it will be a boon to their resume and get their name known. Obviously that is heck of a goal which would take a lot of work, experience and organization.

That is my other reason why I would like to start with MM the Comic. Obviously the goal of doing 28-31 pro quality pages a month is tough. So I'm starting with something small. In this case just doing a comic with a group of awesome people which we all try and co-ordinate on, update occasionally, and make it readable and enjoyable to people outside the group. If MM the comic actually comes together it will be a good first step towards eventually starting the Perfect Seven Project.

Gods of Rock

I don't remember all the characters so here is just a little sample of what I was thinking with the charaters I DO remember. I got to admit I'm having trouble getting a feel for all the characters and the series right now but here is a couple of pages off the top of my head.

Page 1
A vertical page of panel separated by static, channel switches as if someone was surfing TV.

Panel A - A large wide screen style panel across the top of the page.
The Gods of Rock pump it out hard core on stage.

Panel B
Hades storms off through a movie set looking pissed.
Commentary from the TV: Hades and Demeter break up. Who was cheating on who find out.

Panel C
A TV commercial pushes a Drunk Duck Brew.

Panel D
Loki sits back in an interview with a talk show host. Loki looks very thug and reclines casually back in his chair.
Loki: my new album is called "Disodinson" and it is sort of a rap/metal sort of thing...
From Off Panel: That was MY title!

Page 2
Panel A
Thor sits up on his couch holding a TV Remote looking pissed. In the background Posidon is drinking a bottle of DD Brew behind the coach.
Thor: I can't belive it, Loki stole, the %&#$ing title to my solo albumn.

Panel B
Posidon steps around to the other side of the coach.
Posidon: That sucks dude. Brothers man the parasites of the world eh?

Panel C
Posidon hands Thor a beer.
Posidon: Here man, have a brew while you stew about it.

Panel D
Some time later another random god (Pick someone I can't rememeber anyone else.) comes into the room and finds Thor and Posidon very drunk with the evidence of their drinking strewn across the couch.
ARGod: Hey, whats going on.
Thor: We're just working on a new album. Drunkodinson.

Panel E
Posidon sits up some at the name.
Posidon: Dude! Seriously you really should name the album that.
ARGod: Maybe you should wait till your sober to call your agent.


The Alchemist said...

Ya know Nick, i was thinking almost the exact same thing you are now with "The Perfect Seven" about a year ago when i realized that many of my friends are very talented, and how easy it is for me to come up with stories on a rather spontaneous manner.
Except my idea involved creating a full fledged publication company/studio.

Good luck!

acadia said...

My, you've got some ambition. I love that.

The Perfect Seven project sounds amazing, and I can't wait to see that come to fruition. Till then, I think i can deal with your Gods of Rock strips. Those two are pretty sitcom-y and i DIG IT.

Keep doin it man.

Wingnut said...

I can dig it. I can dig all of it! Acadia, you taking these first few pages, or you want me too?

Nick, you're awesome. You really are. ;D