Monday, December 17, 2007

Charcoal in the Brain

Sup, guuuuys0rz?

So like, I have dialup at my house. Wonder of WONDERS! So hit me up on AIM or YAHOO or WHATEVER. If voicechat is possible on dialup, so be it. Want a phone number? Gimme an emailz. I'm dying to talk to you people. I miss you. ;__;

Looks like we have more members! Yay! I love you all. LOVE. o__o

I see CC is #1 again. What have you people been up to..? :D

Okay I will stop uglifying the main page with my blaring text garble. Everyone's pictures have been great! ( the pictures i've seen. i haven't dove too deep yet. i promise i'll do that.. soon. )

Ok. Freux out!


Mr.Riot said...

I remain convinced of my evil clone theory.

You barely threatened me at ALL.

lostpuppies said...

brancakes :3