Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Thinking

Yeah, Hey guys.

It's funny as soon as I get home from Texas, I get thrust back into real life. Which sucks. But motivated I am.

I've got a few ideas for the MM influence to grow.
First of all, as soon as I'm done working out details with Matt, I've got to import our blog archives into wordpress. Next I've got to make an index page.

We need a list of things to be featured of front page. Of course we'll still have the blog as the highlight of the main page. I've been tossing around some ideas for content though. Not just you know a gallery or anything, but maybe a commissions or (buy my labor) section. That way some of you can get some work if someone happens to discover this little site thing that we do and no one reads but us.

Also, I want to make the RSS feed from our comics appear on the side, (kind of like where we have all those links) to show which comics in our group updated today (not today as in 11/29) but today as in everyday.

Any other ideas guys?


David said...

Good luck with that!

If you're needing some Wordpress skills, let me know!

acadia said...

Dude, we need to do a podcast. I mean CMON, you, me, riot, wing and anyone else who cares to join in the convo? That would be LOADS of fun.

Also, we need a store.

Wingnut said...

Podcast equals EPIC win. Although, I wish I had Daves smexxy voice, but I guess all is well. Yeah, a way that people can contact us for gigs is a REALLY good idea, also, Resumes? Or some kind of better profile page with skill listings, past work, and area's of expertise. Just a thought.

Other than that though, I think keeping it simple is key, and it sounds like you've got some great ideas!


Mr.Riot said...

My god...
We DEFINITELY need to do a podcast.
Get Skype. All of you.

I'll hit up JT on how he edits his.