Wednesday, November 21, 2007

News, Thanks, and Other Peppermint Nightmares...

Before anything else is said, everybody need to click on Matt's 1111creations link and show that magnificent bastard some love! Upon returning from WWTX, the crazy fool went and BOUGHT us! Not ONLY that, but he's offered to help us out with setting up the MM website (as far as space and wordpress and such)! That's ridiculously above and beyond, and everybody needs to go show him love, not the creepy kind, immediately.

Also, Mediocre Militia is on Facebook now! So just click here to go check out the page, a ton more pictures from WWTX, and add MM to your friends list! As of right now, there're sample galleries of almost everyone's stuff from the blog up. Anything you guys want me to add, feel free to email me at EENick and Amelius, please let me know what(if anything) you'd like put up. Carly, you too.

Also, we're going to get cracking early on the MM sample book so that we have it in-hand in plenty of time for WWLA. I need EENick, Amelius, and Wingnut's email addys, so I can send you guys the page templates and specs and such. I'll send everything out in a mass email when I have everyone's addys. It looks like financial situations can accomadate 6 pages per Militiaman/woman, so start thinking about what you want to put in.

Let's keep the ball rolling, gang! WWTX got us pumped and motivated!


Wingnut said...

Damn! Matt, I love you. In the most hedero sexual way possible. Thats really freaking cool.

I'm good for working on the book, my email is Just send me the specs when you get a chance. Also, poseidon...he's almost colored and he is looking BADASS.

Just putting that out there. ;D


acadia said...

Yeah, matt's a sweetheart =P

On the book, I'm cool with all the details, just lemme know what I need to do and I'll do it.

And gods of rock? More like GODS OF ROCK. (all caps? ALL THE DIFFERENCE)