Monday, November 19, 2007

WWTX: I DREW HER WITH HANDS!!! (this will be explained later)

Yeah...we EARNED posing like that. We were magnificent.
(l to r: Zac, Acadia, Wingnut, Riot)

MM put in one hell of a showing at WWTX. Between sales, sketches, and ridiculous tomfoolery, I doubt anyone had as good a time as we did. There was a lot of feeding off each other, pimping each other's wares, and pimping MM (there's gonna be some work headed our way, too). Zac and I sat on that "Business of Webcomics" panel...which was interesting. Our table wound up being next to Arthur Suydam, which led to TONS of extra foot traffic and an almost captive audience for most of friday and saturday. The COOL part was, most of the people who were our captive audience fri and sat came back on sun just to see us.

You'll also notice a few new names under the MilitiaMen heading: the ridiculously talented Amelius, EvilEmperorNick, and Creepy Carly. So be sure to click on those links over there and check out what makes them so awesome (if you're one of, maybe, three people who don't know already).

There's a lot more stuff to follow, but I have to get ready to catch my ride to the airport and head back to Cali. All you MilitiaMen (and women), need to draw a picture of yourself in a similar pose to the picture of us four above and send it in to Acadia...we have fun things planned for this page.

Really quick, there are some people that NEED to be shouted-out to: Melissa, Jen, Lindsey, and Awesome Wheelchair Lady (whose name I can't remember at the moment, because I'm a jerk). They kept coming by our table, goofing off with us, demanding sketches and buying me beer.

Quite frankly, even if we HADN'T done well...we still would've had a blast. You'd think we'd all been friends for years the way we were carrying on, and I can't wait until WWLA...because we get to do it again. I'm going to miss those morons.

That's it for now, I'm sure Zac will do a better newspost later on and I'll do a more encompassing photo-post later on.


acadia said...


It was awesome.

And awesome.

lostpuppies said...

Omg I will write a post as soooooon as I get free time!


You know what's sad. You guys are like up there as my best friends ever, and we all live 20 billion miles apart.


dancewithzombies said...

woohoo, we got a shoutout! booya

nice work guys, there's a ton of stuff to look at here!

thanks x 80 for all the sketches!!



Mr.Riot said...

Is it wrong that every time I look at that picture, the sound guy in my head starts playing "I miss you like crazy"?

Wingnut said...

Aye, we are pretty much the shit. Nuff said. Next, we ride to LA, where once again we shall be sexxy sexxy devils.

At least in our heads, haha! ;D