Saturday, November 17, 2007

WWTX Day One

So, the first day of WWTX is over. Thursday night was spent drinking and playing SNES with Wingnut...who, we've discovered, is "past me". We have also discovered that Zac is "past Wingnut" the three of us in one place is some crazy-ass time paradox.

Anyway, the firs day was pretty cool. We lucked out like mother-bitches, and our table is right next to the guy who did the covers for Marvel Zombies...that means we got so much "We're standing in line right here anyway" traffic, that we were plenty busy doing sketches and torturing the people waiting on line.

It's 4 am, Wing and Zac are passed out...and I'm going to bed. Below are some sketch cards and sketches that came about today. I'm really annoyed with myself for letting this kid have a Batman one I did that I really liked. Oh, well.

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