Monday, November 26, 2007

Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes! It's a duck blur.

Heya kids!

Boy, what a nutty week since our marvelous exodus from our native lands. Back in the real world, and what happens the first day back? It snows. I kid you not, it was a marvelous little reminder just saying, 'hey, welcome back and fuck you too.' Snow?! Really?! Blech.

Finding time to draw has been an uphill battle too, with finals, holidays, work, and this pesky need to eat and sleep, it's been a toughie. Still, I've found time to work on a few pictures AND to line up my first official ART GIG! *applause*

Thank you, thank you! It looks like I've been drafted to illustrate a children's book based off of a CD created by The Magic shop sound studio out of San Fransisco. It's my first legitimate gig, and I'm really excited. This should also pay for my trip, so THAT alone is a fantastic thing. And hey, if I can get published, thats my foot in the door, and I would be so okay with that.

I'll keep you posted on the events of that, and I'll certainly post roughs up here for critique and help, so look for that. Also, I finished my MM pic and sent it off to Dave. But YOU fine people get to see the one with SPARKLES! OooOo! Look at those shiny things. Oddly enough they were totally accidental. When I added the stroke and glow to the ink layer, those were particles that my scanner picked up. I thought it looked cool, so I kept em. That and I used Dave's coloring technique for this picture, so good clean times there eh?

I like the way this turned out, and I can't wait to see everyone else's. Also, here is a small preview of the colored Poseidon, it's got about another hour or so worth of work, but I couldn't resist posting it. I'll show off the final in my next post. Also, it looks like Nick is going to get me some scripts within the next few days, so mind if I take the first few pages everyone? I think it would be really cool.

So yeah, thats how things are! A quick hey to all our new friends, I'm glad you're here. You should show of your art too sometimes. You know who you are... ;D



Mr.Riot said...

Colored Rock Poseidon makes me happy.

In the PANTS.

Mr.Riot said...

Also...we're both illustrating children's books. CHILDREN'S BOOKS.

Somehow that just seems wrong to me.

Wingnut said...

I know, we need Zac in on this. Why are the two most depraved and evil individuals doing CHILDREN'S books?!

Mr.Riot said...

Because the Gods of Rock have a GREAT sense of humor.

acadia said...

Poseidon keeps looking better. It's like he's me -- aging.

Mr.Riot said...

Acadia=past Poseidon. The time paradox continues.

EEN said...

What is going on with Gods of Rock right now? I sort of lost track of that after WWTX.

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