Thursday, October 18, 2007


So these are some garbage sketches from the break room. Practicing for WW really. Just having random people name some characters from games or comics, and trying to draw them in under 10 minutes. As you'll notice most of the costumes are wrong, but I'm just trying to get the jist of drawing characters from memory. So building a library of characters for the convention. Number one Convention Rule, if you can draw someone else's characters in your style and someone walks by and notices it and likes it...great way to get people to your booth. It is after all a comic convention, people want to see stuff they know.

Of course in Disney break rooms, you've got your Master Chief here, and apparently they only knew the X-Men.

It's fun stuff though. It was nice drawing for a change.

Good times, see you soon!


lostpuppies said...

I know the lambda is backwards..

Allan said...

I know your MOM is backwards.

Wingnut said...

You know, I'm almost convinced that ALL theoretical physicists are crowbar wielding maniacs.

With fashionable glasses and a goatee! ;D

Very nice Zac, I should work on that too...

Mr.Riot said...

I'm with's just not science unless blunt-trauma is involved.

I'm also with allan...your mom IS backwards.

I've been doing the same thing at work, unfortunately, I can't seem to shut off the "Mignola Wannabe" style, and that's how everything's being drawn. I did a sketch of Old Greg for laughs, though...he looks sinister.