Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Man, Machinehead is a really good song. Too bad his head doesn't look much like a machine. It did earlier, but I changed it, for the worse, apparently (no reference).

The eye/hand probably could've been better if I had been looking at an eye or a hand, but this is all referenceless.


Beaums said...

Are you referring to the song "Machinehead" by Bush? Because if you are... rock on!!

acadia said...

Great crosshatching. Good to see you experiment with anatomy. Very good stuff man. I can never get a good handle on cross-hatching, you've definitely got me there. I wish you hadn't copped out on that full-body with a machine head. I kinda wanna see you put the whole idea together (a face is needed for that).

Allan said...

Maybe I'll draw a machine-like head tomorrow and combine them together. You're right though, this head is just, like, gay.

And Beaums: Yes.