Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yarr! Here be monsters!

More marker practice. This time I did Froooooooobert.

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and also the as-yet unnamed little waif child from A Murder of Two. ^_^

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I had a go at Kat from Riot's The Path, too, but I failed rather spectacularly. I switched sides on the shading about 5 times and it also looks nothing like her. So that gets linked. ^_^


lostpuppies said...

Wowww, you're getting pretty good at those markers!

Freux said...

OMG that's the very first aMoT fanart EVAR. It's a landmark picture! And it's soooo cute. <3 *exhibits undying love for pixie*

You ARE getting good at those markers. I'm totally jealous. XD

Pixie said...

But what is his naaaaaaaaaame? :P

Mr.Riot said...

Those look great, Pix. You're really getting good with those markers!