Sunday, April 22, 2007

Civil War and my foot

I think my foot is dying. I've had this ...thing...on it for like a year...and it keeps getting worse and worse. I should probably chop it off. The thing, not my foot.

Civil War is going to keep going! We all had a little hump to get over this weekend, but things should be in full swing soon. So keep an eye out for that. Speaking of which I guess I could show the things I'm working on for civil war...
this is one i stopped since pinkdiapers did such an awesome job on hers.
What else is going on?
Well Nothing much really. I guess I can put up the pic I did for a girl at work.
I promised her it 6 months ago: "OKAY I WILL GIVE YOU THE PICTURE TOMORROW". And it's tomorrow...6 months later.
And then there's a secret thing I'm doing and here's lineart for it.

Yeah lame post. I should tell the story about Riot and his work today. But I'll save it for later.




rob said...

zac, you so good with all them markers.

acadia said...

You shouldve told us your story about riot and his work.

Freux said...

You do a lot of art. x__x I'm jealous. It's good! I want to color nicely like that.