Sunday, April 22, 2007

Suck it, Work Computer! Suck it HARD!

As you may have guessed, I'm at work. I feel like I freaking live here lately. No, seriously. I just looked at my timecard from yesterday and I did a 19+hr shift yesterday. I'm pretty sure that's illegal...or at the very least, retarded. The plus side to today is that I'm the ONLY one here. The downside is that I'm the ONLY one here...bored out of my mind...and screwed if a suprise job pops up.

Pix: I keep my beard silky-smooth through a deal with the devil. I'll be the first to admit I should have asked for something cooler...but I was drunk and thought that a silky-smooth beard was the way to go.

I've hit that stage of being tired where you start hallucinating. I keep seeing floating shapes, and shadows walking across the room in broad daylight...either my mind is slowly going, or the internet ghosts from Pulse are after me. I'm not sure which I'd prefer...but, I will say, those padded cells always look so comfortable in movies.

Since I have my external hard-drive with me at work...I can still upload art w/ my post! Rejoice, dear friends...for I leave you with boobies. Big ones.

(This is actually a page from the coloring book I'm working on for
Catch you hip cats and kittens later,


Freux said...

You should probably try getting a heap of sleep the first chance you get. o_o

Also, I like that style. XD The lineart looks really awesome.

rob said...

dems are some big boobies...

i like her face, it's really funny.

lostpuppies said...

bewbs james bewbs.

OH By the way! I got your message on my phone last night. When'd you leave 2 weeks ago? XD

acadia said...

Dude, boobs.

I dig the lineart, as it is clean and supple, and I dig the hallucinations, as they make life both terrifying and intersting.

lostpuppies said...

is supple anything like subtle?

lostpuppies said...

No it's not
Infact it is
. Moving and bending with agility; limber.

Mr.Riot said...

Have I mentioned recently that you two are retarded? the good way.

acadia said...

No u

lostpuppies said...