Friday, April 27, 2007

The Adventures of Manly-Man, and Zac the Fem-boy Wonder

Um...don't ask me where that title came just popped into my head. Plus, I had the funny mental image of Zac walking through Home Depot with me, asking what everything was...then getting excited over doilies.

I'm stuck doing what my roomie refers to "Man joooobs" (you have to sing it) today. Which means I get to go to Home Depot. Which I actually enjoy.

But, Riot...WHY do you enjoy going to Home Depot?

The answer is simple: They have CHAINSAWS...on 15ft extendable poles! THINK of the possibilities! Show me a zombie that can stand up to a long-range chainsaw attack. YOU CAN'T!

So, what will that I'll pick up the stuff to fix the bathroom cieling...THEN runa round Home Depot with a chainsaw, get yelled at, pay for my junk then leave. It happens every time.

If you're bored, and happen to not be the rest of Mediocre Militia (who all listened to it last night), I was interviewed on the new Gigcast, so you can click that nicely underlined blue word there and listen to me be a jackass. Well, it STARTED as an interview, then descended into chaos...which was fun. If you go to the Nightgig main page, they have a quote from the interview. Quite frankly, I think it's one of my more intelligent ones.

What else? Civil War updated today, The Path will update tonight, and it seems that I'll never update my DeviantArt page ever again...or until life stops being so damned busy. Stupid life.

And, as always when I have nothing better to post, I leave you with boobies.
More DeviantNation coloring book art.


Freux said...

Whyyy is your lineart so goood? D:

And man. In TX, we need to find a home depot to run around in. XD Everyone enjoys a trip to home depot!

acadia said...

I like to go to that section with hundreds of fans. I always want to turn them all on high and see if the metal frame they're attached to will takeoff =0

Civil said...

after reading the title, I was halfway tempted to draw a comic.