Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hah! Awesome

Hiya folks! This looks like it will be most fun, most fun indeed.
So it seems everyone is posting what they are working on for the next few days, here is the script for page one of the DD Civil War. I'm gonna have so much fun with this.

(Wingnut is suiting up, arming himself. In each panel Wingnut is shown to be arming himself. Sensei is probably meditating on a futon, incense burning. If any panel shows the box of incense, it is labeled catnip.)

Panel one

Sensei: Violence conjures loss, and loss breeds revenge.

Panel two:

Sensei: Revenge in turn leads to more violence, a vicious cycle that gets stronger with each passing.

Wingnut: Didn’t Yoda say that?

Panel three:

Sensei: The life of the mercenary, this life, is ripe with such violence. The path you walk leads away from enlightenment, from true happiness.

Wingnut: I’ve never really been happy with happiness. Besides, we need the money.

Sensei: Money merely buys “things”. “Things” do not lead to enlightenment.

Panel 4:

Wingnut: Yeah, but enlightenment doesn’t pay the bills, or buy dinner. Do you want to eat cat food again next week?

Sensei: Well, I am a cat.

Wingnut: … That was a metaphorical question (Faded Sensei: No it wasn’t). Either I get us some work, or we lose our lease and I have to work for Chronos again, and you know how that went last time.

Panel 5:

Sensei: It is not wise try to solve all of life’s problems through violence.

Wingut: Sure it is, as long as you only shoot the bad guys. (Loads gun)


acadia said...

I have a question. When you say 'metaphorical question' do you mean 'rhetorical question'?

lostpuppies said...

dude metaphorical question is pwnage