Friday, April 20, 2007

The Kraken Is a Wuss

Seriously...I punched it in the face. Ask Acadia.

This is me posting, so Zac will stop yelling at me. I'm not sure exactly WHAT he expects me to write about. Perhaps some deep, emotional attachments I have to certain works of art that I've done? Possibly the motivations behind my current work? Maybe how I wish my hair looked so silky smooth.

Alas, that will not be what goes on in my little corner of this rag-tag group of artistic rebels...oh, no. Ok...maybe sometimes.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Mr. Riot, creator of "The Path" and co-creator (with Zac) of The Drunk Duck Civil War. I'm aa scoundrel, incorrigible clown, a hopeless romantic...and my beard is the mightiest thing this world has ever seen. Entire nations tremble at the sight of it. unlike my more technologically-savvy counterparts here at Mediocre militia, I'm almost entirely "old skool" when it comes to my comics. I do the drawing, inking, and coloring(if I actually happen to color something) by hand. Then I add letters in Photoshop...and old version of photoshop that most artists wouldn't be caught dead using. I like it that works for me. An obsolete punker using obsolete methods.

I draw comics, pin-ups, tattoo designs, do freelance production art for a few California-based ad agencies...and I love what I do. I wouldn't trade it for all the world...not even Ireland.

I don't know what else to babble about here, so I'll close with a drawing of Snake Eyes:



acadia said...


Hot-ass picture, riot. Very. And the kraken was saying things about your mother, it deserved the beating.

lostpuppies said...

Man. Snake eyes is a puss!



Freux said...

Wooow.. I like that pic.

Pixie said...

But what everyone wants to know is how do you get your BEARD so silky-smooth?

Great picture ^_^