Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stealing Internets

So like, last night the internet died. Hard. And bad.
But luckily, some neighbor ( or school ) has a mad crazy wireless signal that I can pick up on ( BARELY ) so hooray for that. Otherwise there would be a lack of freux for two weeks. ( Ewww.. )

This morning is icky and stormy and I've already run over a squirrel. Nevermind the fact that I've only had an hour of sleep. I can't stop thinking about the poor squirrel. x__x

Here's some Lucie art. I tried to stay kinda close to the Lucie style with the coloring and such, because it's just so darn cute. <3

I really like her design, even though the checkers on her pants were hell to do. Cute little Lucie.


lostpuppies said...

AHHHH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bran this is awesome! It's lovely and adorable and beautiful :D Thank you so much ^____^

Those pants ARE HELL aren't they? I'm lazy now when I do them ;)

That's awesome

Mr.Riot said...

Wow, froo. That came out great

Wingnut said...

Aww! Thats adorable!

I really need to get on this whole, "Imma try drawing other peoples characters" bandwagon, seems like it's most fun!


acadia said...

Damn those pants are checkered.

Freux said...

Thanks, guys. It was fun to do!

Goodness, acadia, you're hard to please. Not only do I have to link this place, but I have to spell the url right. :P

rob said...

wow, not to copy wingnut, but that picture really is adorable.

Allan said...

I am at a loss for words...

...awesome? I guess comes to mind.