Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Morning World, It's 2 o'clock AM

Hello all. This is Zac. It's fairly early in the morning, and I'm just posting to try and get a feel for this thing.

Lately I've been doing a lot of drawing. I mean a freaking lot. It seems like yesterday that the Drunk Duck Civil War began, when in's been a month now. That's a strange thing to think about. I'm enjoying every minute of it (except for some of the roster things, but that just comes along with it). I've met some great people and definitely learned a lot of things to improve my own work.

I've consumed more caffeine in this past few weeks than I think is mentally safe. I've barely finished assignments for class. I've felt massive pressure pushing from all sides, but that's straight, because I AM ENJOYING LIFE for a change.

True, my friends in real life hardly see me at nights anymore (then again my friends outside of the internet don't go out anymore anyways...Lame), but the internet art buddies I've made are terrific. I can't tell you how many people have begun to influence and help my style for the better. I'd list people, but I'd be afraid that I would miss someone!

I hope to have some art up tomorrow. I'd really like to show a comparisson between my early stuff and later stuff. Maybe the others'll follow in my tracks.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to where this could go. It may prove to be quite interesting.



MM said...

Ooh, comparison shots. Great idea. You have no idea how much I've improved since I started this comic venture. Geez, man, seriously.

Freux said...

Same here! We should totally try to dig up some old stuff. XD

Pixie said...

I am SO gonna try and do fanart for you all. ;)

I like what you said about enjoying life for a change since Civil War came along. I know I'm not as involved as you creators, but I suddenly feel part of a very exciting community, I'm making new friends, and things are all really interesting. My mood has been way up the last couple days - I cleaned my kitchen! I made cookies! And lots of other things! I can only feel motivated when good things are happening in my life, and I'm really enjoying this. ^_^


acadia said...

Oh shat, comparison drawings.

rob said...

i agree with you on the civil war thing... it got me back into art. i really had just given up on it for the most part. i had plans on starting a comic this summer anyways, but civil war just kinda sucked me into the community and allowed me to meet all of you awesome people.

now i've just gotta finish my other schoolwork so i can keep on drawing...

Anonymous said...

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