Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cocoa Butter with Shea

Hi, all. I'm making my first post! Cheer for me. Yes. Cheer. Um.. I'm Freux and I'm happy to be here. I'm probably the laziest out of all the people, let me tell ya.

My current project is A Murder of Two. It's been restarted once already, but I'm excited about it this time. Things are going much better.

So.. TX, anyone?


acadia said...

The laziest? That doesnt matter, you're talented enough for us not to care about your laziness =P

FANTASTIC picture. I'm never able to make someones movements look that natural. How DO you do that?

lostpuppies said...

Wow....I just think i had a heartattack

Pixie said...


It really IS awesome to open this up and see something. ^_^

Thanks Froo, I LOVE it!

Also, I drew some stuff for you (practicing with my markers). Gonna scan 'em when hubby wakes up. I was gonna enter one in the nontest, but our internet broke all to pieces last night so I couldn't enter. Super sad! :(

Wingnut said...

Fruex, you're my new best friend, just because that looks beautiful, and you used the coloring style that I'm trying to learn. ;D

Freux said...


The coloring technique? Hard brush set at about 10-13% opacity. Screen and multiply. o0o The opacity is a little higher in places with more dynamic shading, like dark shadows, the highlights, and the sparkly places. Eeeeeasy cheese.

How to do the movement? .. Um.. I dunno. :D

Mr.Riot said...

Wow, looks even better in color.