Thursday, April 19, 2007

A New-ish Chapter

Well for those of you who actually read Applied Living this post will have some importance. For the rest of you... go watch some TV or something -- adults are talking.


Anyway, from about the 5th or 6th strip till now, Applied Living's main writer was Michael Olson (my brother). He's turned out some pretty solid scripts, and I've had fun with him as the writer, so I was always happy to have him as my go-to guy for a script. This, however, is about to change. For the past month or so, Mike's been slacking a bit (I haven't gotten more than one script from him for about a month and a half), so I've decided to ask my buddy Shaun (yes, the one in the comic) to help me out. It's not that Mike isn't satisfactory, but there are extenuating circumstances around this situation. School, girls, etc. are standing in Mike's way when I need a script. Shaun, however, is ideal for a webcomic writer. He's an english major. He also was my DM (Dungeon Master -- yes, I played Dungeons and Dragons, what of it?) from back in the day. He and I have also been collaborating on an upcomic project (it's called Flammarion, and so far the story is FRIGGIN SWEET -- more of a serious venture. Not the same brand as ApL, but still very much worth a look), so it seemed only natural for me to ask him to contribute in some way to ApL. Well he's never been a very CONFIDENT writer (or person), but I have nothing but confidence in him. His writing is genius, and I'm really excited to start collaborating on this ASAP.

Just lettin you guys know the deal if you start to notice a different name appearing at the bottom of the ApL strips.



lostpuppies said...

Looking forward to seeing it. It's AL not ApL. You can't make up your own abbreviation!!

acadia said...

I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT! I will NOT be mistaken for a dude named Alfred. Or Allen. Or Albert. Or Aladdin. Or Alastair. Or Aldrich. Or Alex. Or Alejandro. Or Alfonso. OR Algernon.

I will instead be mistaken for a delicious red fruit: Apple.

ApL it is, and ApL it will STAY.

This rant brought to you by Kellogg's.