Sunday, April 29, 2007

If WingNut is the king, I'm the lil' prince of it.

Procrastinating. I have a 10 page research paper due on Tuesday, 2 studio drawings due tomorrow, and a design project due tomorrow. On top of that, theoretically I'm supposed to update Luciefer, Who, and Gradzilla tomorrow. None of which I forsee happening. I'm trying to get 5 pages done today, and the design project done. I can guarantee the studio work won't be finished, well maybe, tomorrow morning. I shouldn't have gone to bed at 5:30AM. But again, I blame Dave for that.

I really want to talk about the male sex drive and how advertising is obnoxiously annoying and how when someone pours their soul into something for years, that doesn't matter to people. What matters is how big the boobs are. So, in order to create the ultimate money making thing, I move that we all begin a fanservice psuedo erotic comic. Featuring a cliche storyline with decent writing. We will make a par comic! Shoot for par!
I won't talk about it, because it's not a big deal, and there's nothing you can do about such things.

Uh, I don't really have that much new artwork. This weekend's been kind of dead with the art thing. Next weekend I'll post some embarrassingly old stuff which makes no sense to me anymore, compare my 6th grade work to my 12th grade work. Think "Wow, you could draw cooler when you were younger Zac". And then I'll think about how I had to relearn to draw in college.

Woohoo.. Go see Hot Fuzz by the way. It is amazing.

I'll be back. As soon as I'm finished with this



acadia said...

I wish i could find some of my old stuff. You and freux are lucky -- you can see how youve progressed through the years.

I can only see how ive progressed since i've started ApL =P

Allan said...

I PLAN on seeing Hot Fuzz.

That, and I feel the same way, bro. No time for everything.

Freux said...


.. I wish we did. We'd be even more awesome. If that's possible.