Monday, June 16, 2008

Was a long and dark December.

Proof that I've been attempting to be productive despite 12-hour work days. Shut up all of you people who manage busy lives and still do 2348237492 more drawings a month than I do. Just.. shut up. XD

I'm really enjoying these black and white images. I know color is probably more interesting to look at, but black and white is more of a challenge and I love doing it. I used to be sooo afraid to add massive amounts of black to a colorless image, but I'm learning bit by bit how to do it right. ( or, at least, in a way that looks right to me ) I refuse to do comics in color, but I hate using tone. If I can master this black and white thing, I might be able to produce something nice. =D

About the image: These are two characters from aMoT that appear in the second chapter. I WILL REVEAL NOTHING ELSE.


lostpuppies said...

It's so good to see stuff from you.

Hope to see your comic soon!

Mr.Riot said...

If it makes you feel better, I only do 2348237491 more pictures than you a month.

I'm really digging your B&W stuff, too! You should do more of it!