Thursday, June 19, 2008's time to check the site for updates...


Here's the news I wanted to post. GO READ IT HERE


Oh did you hear? We have forums! I heard Weatherby made them. Oh he did! Great! That's our first step towards reformatting the site layout to become a decent community.

If you're a militiaman or a fan, PLEASE go sign up. News on the site status will most likely be posted there.

Please send Weatherby your comic descriptions, or post them in the comment section here. This is really sort of important. We also need to come up with rules for the forum. Also, see the below post.

Also Militia FOLK
We have custom smilies on that forum. Here's my plan, you send me or Weatherby some images of your characters being expressive and we'll turn them into forum emoticons.
HOW cool will that be, eh?

Okay, please for once guuuuuuuyss. We're trying to kick some life into this

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Mr.Weatherby said...

While on the subject, don't expect much work to get done on the forum for the next four/five days. I'll be out of town and unable to make many changes and edits. If there is a dire problem, tell Zac and I'm sure he can call me.