Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm with Pixie

I agree lass, I've been stuck in a creative rut as well lately. I need to just get started on my own projects, and stop moping about the loss of a comic. Yes...yes indeed. So, along that vein of conversation, here's some character art for a new project I'm working on. I don't want to name it quite yet, don't want to jinx it, but here's some pretty pictures. Sorry about the lack of color, I've been rather lax on that lately

And here's something silly. I've found out that if I don't do a gamer gag picture every once and a while, I'll explode. Further destroying of our beloved childhood.



acadia said...


lostpuppies said...

You've really improved.

From looking great, you've gone to looking FANTASTICALLY AMAZING.

I really like this art

acadia said...

That turok picture looks really wonky, btw. Like his legs are too short (taking into account foreshortening). I dunno.

But that first picture? Fucking amazing.

Wingnut said...

Yeah, you're right about that one dave, I tried drawing them about a gazillion times, finally said bugger it, and then went back to what I was supposed to be doing which was helping customers, haha!