Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Path gets a facelift

So, in preparation of Diamond-ness, I've been going back to old pages of The Path and gussying them up a bit. Adding the crosshatching I've been using lately, and in some cases, replacing panels that I didn't like. Then, it hit me:

I don't really like ANY of my old pages. Like, at ALL.

If I'm not too fond of them, I could only imagine what people in shops nation-wide would think. Don't get me wrong, The Path's selling well...but I've grown into the style I set out to do it in. The pages from issues 4 and 5 are way better than the pages in issues 1-3.

So I started redrawing them. ALL of them. Below is a "Before and after" example of what I've been doing. This is also giving me the chance to tweak some issues I've come across in the story now that I have the advantage of hindsight. I think that you'll agree that the new version is going to kick all kinds of ass. ALL. KINDS. OF. ASS. Yes, even THAT kind.



lostpuppies said...

Definitely looks like you've grown into your style.

Liking it mucho

acadia said...

Effing badass.

Mishi said...

I think all of us grow to hate our old work.
Good luck with the revamp. i know it will definitely kick more ass.