Monday, June 16, 2008

And we're back!

On the last episode of MEDIOCRE MILITIA: Weatherby uploaded a shiny new forum system to give Militia members a chance to grow a community. Suddenly, an ancient evil awoke in Zac, and the forums began to die slowly. With only five minutes to save the forum, Weatherby transformed into the legendary Super Admin, and pretty much just went "fuck it" and took the forum down.

Anyway, the NEW forum is up, if that makes much of a difference. We're now running on Invasion Power Board, a system I've never used in my life. Hey, it looks pretty nice, and I hear it's secure. So far I've found nothing along the same lines as the token error, but I'm still not sure if it's totally bug free. Go over and check it out. I can't quite call it done until it's at least tested.

You are still able to do everything you could on the normal board, but it's a tad different in terms of navigation. You are now able to make profile pages for a mini-social networking application (embedded right into your user profiles) at the loss of the build in personal image gallery. Win-some lose-some. Hope the style is Ok, went with more of a futuristic kind of "military system" feel for the forums. It's sleek, but simple, and I think that works. I had to edit a lot of images to make sure everything matched, but some I can't quite seem to find. Like, there is this "ON", "OFF" and "PM" set of boxes that you think would be in profiles, but I don't see em'. Then again, I need the place tested, so who knows.

Enough rambling. I'm still waiting for forum descriptions from some of you, and we need a set of rules which I can't really do on my own.


lostpuppies said...

Wow, looks great man.


Phase 1 over. Now for phase 2

Mr.Riot said...

I've already said it to Zac, so now I get to say it to you.

I'm crazy impressed with the way you guys jumped gung-ho into this and are getting it done! Welcome aboard!

Mr.Riot said...

To edit:

No worries! We're all about trial and error!

Mr.Weatherby said...

New forums are currently being made on the IPB platform, and should be up come tomorrow morning. Still need comic descriptions. The skin is the main hold up, if anyone has a rapidshare premium account that they can use to download the pack, please e-mail me at

Mr.Weatherby said...


the forum is now working