Monday, June 2, 2008


...was awesome.

Every con I do gets me closer and closer to realizing how to successfully run a booth/tables for MM. Learning from how Juno does cons, seeing what would and what wouldn't work for our's going to pay off for us in the long run. I think WWTX is going to be a really good way to end the con season this year, and provide a good spot for us to round-table a plan to promote MM during next year's con season. Plus, it'll give me enough time to get tax certs for us to be able to sell shit in the different states we'll be in.

On a personal note, A-kon went pretty well beause The Path sold a lot better than I thought it would at an anime convention. That was a pleasant suprise. Plus, we just about sold out on my posters, too. I think there were two or three left at the end of sunday. The "Story-driven webcomics" panel I was on went really well, too. I think there was actual useful insight provided...and we were damned entertaining. Thanks to anyone reading this that showed up. Lindsey, who some of you should remember from WWTX last year, came by to hang/help out, too. So did that kid and his dad (Joe and Zac will remember. The kid whose first con it was).The guys who do Applegeeks are pretty fucking cool. You should go read that comic. As is Mookie, who does a comic called Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. We all went out to dinner with a few other cool peeps and good times were had. Can't wait to hang with the same group at Otakon in August.

One last thing: how cool does the idea of having your very own sword from The Path sound? Now what if I told you it was going to be made by a company that builds LARP weapons, and you'd be able to beat the crap out of your friends with it without breaking it? Sound cool? You bet your ass it does...and it's coming.

Anyways, I'm going to go decompress after an inredibly long, busy, and awesome weekend...and get the book layout finished up. Catch you hip cats and kittens later.



acadia said...

Sounds like an awesome time, man. I wish I'd had the time to join you, fo' sho.

The Alchemist said...

A sword?!
Does that mean i can go around telling people "I'm Chance Mc Gavin, and you are a dead guy"?

Freux said...

Words do little to describe the awesomeness of that photo. Glad the cons have been so awesome for you!

Also, I want a sword like that. <3

Juno Blair B. said...

Man, did we only have one picture of the booth? We're so sad. Otakon will be much better! Can't wait!

Neila said...

I had no idea you were going to Akon o_o which reminds me I need to catch up on the Path >_>
Its awsome you're going to have replicas of the sword though, I bet they'll sell like hotcakes XD
Congrats on a convention well done! ^_^

lostpuppies said...

Riot, I'm so proud of you.

Can't wait to catch up with you either man.

Let me buy you a beer, big bro.