Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey, hey, picture time. It's picture time! Won't you enjoy some pictures of mine?

Because I'm sure you were all wondering:
New York Comic Con went REALLY well! The Path sold really well, and good times were had by all. My fellow Trashy Bohemians, Juno and Jojo, had really great sales of their books as well!

You can go check out the ODK blog for details and some pics.

In the meantime, I haven't really posted here in forever. So here're some pictures! ENJOY!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jockey of the Rings

The fruit of my labor for today/last night.. ish.
This is my main character. Right here. That image right there. ( Though he doesn't dress like that. I just like silly outfits. <3 ) This will probably be a chapter cover or something. I just wanted to try out my new tablet, really. :P

Yes, my old graphire died a terrible horrible belated death. At Best Buy I was confronted with an epic decision. Would I spend everything I had in the bank on an Intuos 3 or face the unknown terror of a tablet called Bamboo Fun?

Okay, the decision only took all of two minutes to make. I'm flat freakin' broke, but I'm soooo happy with my new tablet. <333

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So I just wanted to prove that I HAVE been drawing... just very slowly. Getting straight As in university takes up more of my time than I'd like, you know. ;)

Here's a part of the page of Atlantis Paradise I'm re-drawing:

Also, it was my birthday a couple weeks ago. My brother drew me this awesome Sin.

ANNND last of all, I just wanted to show off my puppy-to-be. ;) We're heading off to the icy depths of Pennsylvania in 4 weeks to pick the little guy up. He's the middle puppy in both pictures.


What have you guys been up to lately? ^_^

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Death Shot HO!

Hi hi hihihihihi!

I'm very talkative today and I'm not extremely sure why, but it seems to have rubbed off on my typing.. SO.. I thought I would post some sketches and give you all a glimpse into the AWESOME WORLD of my little green spiral notebook which has magical anti suck abilities or something because I can't draw diddly-squat on white paper anymore. It must be a curse.

I stayed at a hospital for the better part of last week and apart from a steady diet of vending machine food and, of course, my poor relative, it was pretty nice. It was quiet and I found a big ol' table that I could sprawl my things out on and DRAW on. Uninhibited! FREE AS A BIRD! So I did several sketches and a lot of inking. Hooray! Course, now I'm back at home and we'll see how productive I can continue to be. :P

These have to do with my latest rewrite. ( OMG A REWRITE! HOW ORIGINAL OF ME! )
So, um, enjoy?!

TV Raptor says watch more TV!

TV raptor also told me to tell you: Rar!
Hey everybody! So sorry I haven't posted anything in here until now, I have been alternating between being busy or sick or both! (Currently my lungs are trying to escape through my mouth...goody!) Plus I had no idea what to put in here, all the awesome stuff in here intimidates me! (gosh I sound like a total butt-kiss but I am being honest!) So here's my pipe-cleaner raptor...standing on a TV set (it had the best light in the room, I suck at photography!)
Anyway I'm here to ask something....
I was already planning on cameoing everyone I've met at the WW conventions in my comic (with its never-ending party...but I'm trying to wrap it up eventually) but I also wanted to do this with all you cool MM member's characters on one page.
Anyway the question is, which of your characters would you like me to toss into the party? I'll post the image here when I'm done though, for youse that aren't a fan of the comic so you can see what I did to your precious characters! mwahahaha! (If you don't want me to draw them in there let me know though, I'm just extending the invitation here)
I half fancied drawing everyone as an M&M candy just now...sweet.

Monday, April 14, 2008

So I'm a bandit-

Yo! All you salty sea-devils, if you didn't see the Zac man's awesome Flash skillz, then ye best be scrollin' down. So sayeth' the Wingnut.

So, I had a blast drawing that Jack and Jill picture right? Like an obscene amount of fun. And I thought to myself, "Self, that was a really fun picture. You should do something in that style again." And I got to thinking, Jack and Jill would make an awesome crime fighting duo.

Jill was colored with prisma colors, and I'm thinking about digitally coloring Jack. Not gonna lie here folks, I'm having a BLAST with this. So then, looking at this picture, I'm like, "Dayum! Jill is a badass! I should draw a picture that emphasizes THAT!"

So, uh. I did.

And then I colored it with more prisma colors! I'm OUTTA CONTROL!

Auugh! What's this? Solid blacks in a drawing by the Joey?! Who is this? Yeah, I'm super proud of this picture. Who knows? These two are a blast to draw, it's outside my comfort zone, and maybe just maybe, they may turn into a project all their own.

Whaddya think?


How to make a Lucie

First of all if you haven't seen Wingnut's insane rendition of Jack and Jill scroll down and check that out.

Secondly, here's some art. Everyone's red heads look the same these days. I was going to put Kim Possible in it too, but got lazy (surprise surprise).

I mainly drew this as a means to mess around in flash. It didn't take too long, really.
See what happened was I saw this awesome picture drawn in flash and was like HOW'D HE DO THAT. Then I tried to fail at emulating it.

Frankie was the most fun to draw..
Also I watched about 4 hours of Ben Ten today. Not sure why.
Click for full view I guess?

and the individual images, minus misty because it's ugly and done the quickest

Anyways, take it EASY guys.

We need to all get our power rings together and UNITE!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill wen't up a hill, to fetch a pail of water. Or so the story goes, as they say. Did this one just for fun, I'll probably upload it to my website someday, but I thought it should be shown here. Guess what Riot? I did this baby in prisma colors. Yeah, that's Joey's 3rd attempt at traditional media. Bum-bum-buuummm!!

In other news, I set up a freelance portfolio on ifreelance.com. It's pretty good, I've gotten some gigs, some reviews, and best of all, some money. Business is pretty slow right now though, so I guess that's why I'm drawing twisted things like this. Check out my profile at-


Had a blast with this picture, and I tried to do something outside my comfort zone of muscle'y men. (snicker.) Allright, I'll post more info about the site once I get a chance!



Thursday, April 10, 2008

Drunk Duck Adventures: The Mighty Drunk Duckers

Feel free to drool.

Yeah, I know this is two months later than I originally planned, but the first page goes live right after NYCC. The first "issue" is going to focus on the three characters on the cover, how The Rioteer winds up in modern times, and the accidental formation of the full team.

...and jokes on where Freux keeps all those scissors.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weapon X: Welcome Back

So look what's updating again.

Maybe this will lure Ben and Pix back to the internet.