Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Death Shot HO!

Hi hi hihihihihi!

I'm very talkative today and I'm not extremely sure why, but it seems to have rubbed off on my typing.. SO.. I thought I would post some sketches and give you all a glimpse into the AWESOME WORLD of my little green spiral notebook which has magical anti suck abilities or something because I can't draw diddly-squat on white paper anymore. It must be a curse.

I stayed at a hospital for the better part of last week and apart from a steady diet of vending machine food and, of course, my poor relative, it was pretty nice. It was quiet and I found a big ol' table that I could sprawl my things out on and DRAW on. Uninhibited! FREE AS A BIRD! So I did several sketches and a lot of inking. Hooray! Course, now I'm back at home and we'll see how productive I can continue to be. :P

These have to do with my latest rewrite. ( OMG A REWRITE! HOW ORIGINAL OF ME! )
So, um, enjoy?!


acadia said...

Sorry to hear you were in the hospital -- and sorry to have bailed on the convo tonight (ran into a friend getting snacks, watched a movie at her place) -- but glad to hear you got some drawing done! I can't wait to see this latest rewrite!

lostpuppies said...

Notebook paper: Professional.

^_^ Awesome sketches. Hopefully we'll see some new comics soon!

And you're a horrible pen pal

Wingnut said...

Freux, why must you be so awesome?

Just curious. Great pictures by the way, I too have a spiral note book made of win, but I can only draw reaaally well in it when I'm supposed to be taking notes. Heh. :)