Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey, hey, picture time. It's picture time! Won't you enjoy some pictures of mine?

Because I'm sure you were all wondering:
New York Comic Con went REALLY well! The Path sold really well, and good times were had by all. My fellow Trashy Bohemians, Juno and Jojo, had really great sales of their books as well!

You can go check out the ODK blog for details and some pics.

In the meantime, I haven't really posted here in forever. So here're some pictures! ENJOY!


acadia said...

The Mother one is awesome. Like, super mega awesome. Also, that last one needs some color.

Also, fuck you. :D

Mr.Riot said...

I had colored, like, three pictures by the time I was ready to do the last one.

Three pictures' worth of color was just too much for my B&W-addled little mind.

Freux said...

Dude, those are badass. I love the bottom two. <33


Anonymous said...

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