Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill wen't up a hill, to fetch a pail of water. Or so the story goes, as they say. Did this one just for fun, I'll probably upload it to my website someday, but I thought it should be shown here. Guess what Riot? I did this baby in prisma colors. Yeah, that's Joey's 3rd attempt at traditional media. Bum-bum-buuummm!!

In other news, I set up a freelance portfolio on It's pretty good, I've gotten some gigs, some reviews, and best of all, some money. Business is pretty slow right now though, so I guess that's why I'm drawing twisted things like this. Check out my profile at-

Had a blast with this picture, and I tried to do something outside my comfort zone of muscle'y men. (snicker.) Allright, I'll post more info about the site once I get a chance!




acadia said...



lostpuppies said...

That's scary and a half, wingnut

Mr.Riot said...

Oh, man. That's AWESOME Wing!