Monday, April 21, 2008

Jockey of the Rings

The fruit of my labor for today/last night.. ish.
This is my main character. Right here. That image right there. ( Though he doesn't dress like that. I just like silly outfits. <3 ) This will probably be a chapter cover or something. I just wanted to try out my new tablet, really. :P

Yes, my old graphire died a terrible horrible belated death. At Best Buy I was confronted with an epic decision. Would I spend everything I had in the bank on an Intuos 3 or face the unknown terror of a tablet called Bamboo Fun?

Okay, the decision only took all of two minutes to make. I'm flat freakin' broke, but I'm soooo happy with my new tablet. <333


Wingnut said...

Well done Freux! The intuos is well worth it, it really is.

Eee! Thats a cute drawing, and this was done with your tablet? What do you use to get the blacks to look so well inked like that?


Freux said...

I inked it in Manga Studio EX. It makes all lineart ever look amaaazing, so all I really did was ink and fill in parts with the paint bucket. :P

acadia said...



My god.

Mr.Riot said...

Damn you and your streamliney-ness!

*shakes fist*