Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TV Raptor says watch more TV!

TV raptor also told me to tell you: Rar!
Hey everybody! So sorry I haven't posted anything in here until now, I have been alternating between being busy or sick or both! (Currently my lungs are trying to escape through my mouth...goody!) Plus I had no idea what to put in here, all the awesome stuff in here intimidates me! (gosh I sound like a total butt-kiss but I am being honest!) So here's my pipe-cleaner raptor...standing on a TV set (it had the best light in the room, I suck at photography!)
Anyway I'm here to ask something....
I was already planning on cameoing everyone I've met at the WW conventions in my comic (with its never-ending party...but I'm trying to wrap it up eventually) but I also wanted to do this with all you cool MM member's characters on one page.
Anyway the question is, which of your characters would you like me to toss into the party? I'll post the image here when I'm done though, for youse that aren't a fan of the comic so you can see what I did to your precious characters! mwahahaha! (If you don't want me to draw them in there let me know though, I'm just extending the invitation here)
I half fancied drawing everyone as an M&M candy just now...sweet.


lostpuppies said...



Actually what's weird about this post is that I'm pretty certain I had a dream last night where some weird people on deviantart liked a pokemon picture that I drew (but I didn't really draw because it was a dream), and then I tried to convince you and Nick to post on Mediocre Militia and then you did.


Craziness. Cameoing us in the NEVERENDING PARTY? Oooooh, cool. If you throw me and Riot in, you should just throw us in there in our Civil War form, because we bicker or something...?

Also, I'm still envious of your amazing pipe cleaner abilities. That raptor is pretty impressive.

You should post here again sometime ;D


The Alchemist said...

I'm going to commission a shark from you one day.

acadia said...


Amy posted. This is like, some sort of momentous occasion.


Just throw the classic 'Dave' from my comic in the mix if you wish. He'd look a little out of place, considering he's like, a normal dude, but whatever!

Glad to see you posting here!

If you're at a loss about what to post here, then just do what we all do! Post random sketches or cool things! Don't be a stranger.


Freux said...

Zomg I want that raptor. :O
I want your pipecleaning skillz!

I'm not supAHFLY so I don't go to conventions, but if you WANT to toss a char of mine in there, you can use the ugly civil war freux thing or one of my purple people that no one has ever met because I can't get past prologues. ( I should probably just stop beginning with prologues. I might get somewhere! )

It's awesome to see you posting! POST MORE. :D