Monday, April 14, 2008

How to make a Lucie

First of all if you haven't seen Wingnut's insane rendition of Jack and Jill scroll down and check that out.

Secondly, here's some art. Everyone's red heads look the same these days. I was going to put Kim Possible in it too, but got lazy (surprise surprise).

I mainly drew this as a means to mess around in flash. It didn't take too long, really.
See what happened was I saw this awesome picture drawn in flash and was like HOW'D HE DO THAT. Then I tried to fail at emulating it.

Frankie was the most fun to draw..
Also I watched about 4 hours of Ben Ten today. Not sure why.
Click for full view I guess?

and the individual images, minus misty because it's ugly and done the quickest

Anyways, take it EASY guys.

We need to all get our power rings together and UNITE!


Anonymous said...
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MM said...

Deleting spam.

acadia said...

Glad to see you posting, good buddy. Now all we need is for all of us to get in some sort of CHAT where we're all on at the same time -- so we can chat, and we're golden. GOLDEN.

Frankie? Yeah she looks fuckin awesome.

Wingnut said...

Zac, you are a god among men. Seriously. I violently hate flash, and here you come along and have a grand old time with it.

*grumble grumble* Damn kids, and their newfangled devices.*Grumble grumble*


Freux said...

That's some good flash, Zac. Good flash indeed. :O