Friday, February 1, 2008

Ok, so here is what I know-

I know that we're awesome. But you guys knew that already.

So here's whats up. Apparently, as said earlier, DD is scaling back it's con's this year. But, after talking to our lover-ly Carly, apparently MM has a table if they want it. Personally, I say fuck yeah. Here's the deal tho, I gotta make it to this thing, because I have a date. And it would be very VERY rude of me to stand a lady up like that. Sorry, but I'm not a punk like that ;}. So, the big question, who's all making this shindig? Do we have an official roll call yet, because I don't think DD is gonna help us much here. We're on our own for this one I think gents, so lets get this rapped up as soon as possible, as tickets are very expensive, and only getting more so.

And if we decide to opt out on this one, Kris and I will just have to schedule something else. We were thinking mexico. Hey, if you've got a passport, use it right? Muahahah!

And, to keep up with tradition, here's some pretty pictures.

Yeah, we're awesome.