Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Yawk Comic Con '08

Seriously, bitches. Anybody at NYCC better stop by. I'll be there. Also, as if THAT weren't reason enough on it's own, I'll be with two lovely ladies who are clearly much more talented than I am.
Juno of Star Crossed Destiny fame, and JoJo who does my new favorite romantic comedy of mythic proportions, Dis: Life is Hell. There'll be comics!There'll be...other stuff, too! But, seriously. Anyone there should stop by. Something tells me Juno and Jojo will be almost as much as my MM boys were at TX (damn, I miss you guys).

SPEAKING of MM, your fellow MilitiaMen Carly and I will be at WWLA in march. No, I'm not changing it to "MilitiaWoman for Carly. Not because she's lacking in femininity, but because we'd lose the alliteration, and I like alliteration. At least i THINK we'll be there. I honestly have no clue. I imagine I'll know for sure when I get a call that Friday from Carly saying, "Where the hell are you?!"

That's it for now. It's starting to look like you might have a TOOTHACHE.


acadia said...

DUDE COMIC CON?! Go 'round and pimp your shit. Your comic is pro, and if people saw it, theyd go 'hey this is totally pro, we should give you thousands and thousands of dollars for you to do this for us' and then you'd be all 'NO WAY IM A MILITIAMAN THROUGH AND THROUGH' and then you'd go 'WAIT. Actually that sounds good. Sign me up'. And then they'd be all like 'TOO LATE. YOU DENIED BITCH. OWNED'. And then youd be all 'IMMA RAPE YOU' and then you'd rape them and then youd go to jail.

Long story short, if this trip ends in you going to jail, I won't be surprised.


Freux said...

Acadavia has been watching too many prison rape movies. :P

Does sounds like it's going to be spifftastic! Live it up, dewd!

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