Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In an never ending attempt...

To be HPK, I've added Oekaki and a Forum for MM.

Any forum suggestions, greatly appreciated.
If you want any other extra neat features, hit me up MM. I'm kind of getting the hang of this Database shit.

Also, makeover coming soon. Expect a switch to a non-google blogosphere.


David said...

Here's a suggestion. Let me host your forum since I already have an install-base. :P

Mr.Riot said...

Here's another suggestion: install a beer dispenser. Trust me.

lostpuppies said...

That was the next thing on my list, pal.

Beer ftw.

Oh man, it's too bad MM is a bunch of alcoholics (give or take a couple of you)

acadia said...

I'm no alcoholic.

Also, the oekaki thing is pretty cool.