Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So I'm a double poster AND a thief!

Playing around with the new coloring technique still, and in the habit of stealing line art from people more talented than I...BEHOLD!

Yeah, Riot drew this a while back, and uh..yeah. I needed something to color with lots of skin so yeah. I guess I should start drawing more scantily clad women so I can actually color some of my own artwork. Oh well! Still, it's good to have my computer back so I can actually work on stuff, so I'm just getting it all out of my system.

But (This should make Riot happy) I actually colored something with (Gasp!) TRADITIONAL MEDIA! Wooaah, don't that just beat all? While my computer was busted, I needed to color and a friend of mine had a riot'esque case of prisma colors. I balked, but eventually I actually managed to do okay. The scan alas didn't turn out so well, as I have no idea how to scan these blasted things, but here ya go. Wingnut's second use of prisma markers. (First attempt was Shiva I think.)

Well, back to work I go, but not to worry, now that I have my computer back....well, expect to see much more of my scruffy mug around here.



Allan said...

I'm just gunna give you a smiley face.


(For awesomeness)

Freux said...

I want to learn to do that. o__o

It's prettyyyy

Pixie said...

OMGWTF is that Nik? o_O