Monday, February 25, 2008



I actually have something to post! OMGWTF!

Except I have to do it later 'cos I'm at school now and my pic isn't exactly worksafe. ^_^ But you can see it here if you want a sneaky look:


Wingnut said...
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Wingnut said...

Blargh, computer spazzed out.

Ooo! I like it! The piercings are a nice touch. But the coloring looks really sweet, especially the shines on the scales, thats a good detail.

The Wingnut approves. ;D

By the way, that reminds me. I learned some snazzy coloring tricks that would be perfectly suited to your style. It's very, how you say...shiny?



Pixie said...

You should totally share.

Or just draw my comic for me.


Freux said...

My virgin eyes!

I reeeally like the color scheme!