Monday, March 3, 2008

Suggested Donation-

Sorry if people haven't heard from me lately, there's been a lot of crazy shit going down, and I'm just now getting everything back in order. As testament to that, I have an announcement.

So here's whats up. Acquired Taste is dead. We've had a good run of it, I'm proud of every page, but it's just not gonna pick back up again. Casey (My author) doesn't want to get back into it if I'm going to be moving away in 8 months, so I guess that's that.

What does that mean for me? Well, I'm free to do my own things now. I've set up a portfolio, and registered a web domain for it. Enter Suggested Donation Studios. It's a place where I'll be able to promote my own art, my own writing, and hopefully, my own comics. I'm tired of just dicking around, and I want to do what I love, and be the one held accountable. Check it out-

So what's that mean for you militia men? Well, it means that you've got a freelance artist on your hands. I've gotten a few commissions, and I figured I needed a site that conveyed some level of professionalism. So I'll keep you updated, but as of right now, I'm without a comic.

So what am I going to do about that? Well, currently I'm writing a "Big Trouble in Little China" style buddy cop story set in San Francisco in 1977. Think constant slap bass and wah-wah pedals combined with kung-fu style opponents, and wise cracking good cops bad cops. I'm combining all the things I know to make a project that I'd love. I know I can do comedy, I know I can do epic shots, and I wanted something that would suit my changing art style more than the cartoony AT. As of now I want to do the story in chapters, and it has no working title. I'll let you know more as soon as I do.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of the stuff that has happened, but just bear with me friends, I'll be better again soon.



Allan said...

Wing, I'm really happy that you're moving your stuff in great direction and taking matters into your own hands. You're totally talented and totally cool, and have totally perfect hair (seriously, how does your hair DO that?) which ought to qualify you for at least 90% of the jobs out there.

So good luck buddy and I'll be sure to check back at your site often!

Freux said...

Yeah, keep us updated, wing! With those skillz and that hair, you're bound to be successful. :D


Wingnut said...

Hee hee, well thanks guys. You're awesome, have I told you that yet?


acadia said...


We talked about this.

And you're doing it.


EEN said...

Alas poor Aquired Taste, I knew him well.

Good luck on your new projects.

The Alchemist said...

May the gift of wind bless your sails and every port welcome you with open arms.

Anonymous said...

There are great things waiting for you out there kid. You have a wonderful gift. So never give up and always keep going. And always know, you'll have friends,(the close and distant) supporting you.

Pixie said...

You sound so sad about being comic-less and adrift!

Good luck with everything. :)